Monday, June 14, 2010

there was no rain on this parade!

this past month, everytime we drove through the little area known as four corners, we would see the big sign hung saying, "maple valley days! second weekend in june! parade at ten am!" so we decided to get up and out of the house early saturday morning and go check it out. the rain has finally stopped around here [im sure it will be back way sooner than any of us want though] and i actually busted out a pair of shorts [and blinded anyone who looked my direction with my pasty white legs! but hey, i gotta start my tan somewhere, right!?].

we settled in at a perfect little spot we found right in the shade and waited for the parade to start. i was nervous corbin would freak out when the bands starting coming by playing their music loud but i think he actually enjoyed it! and we even ran into my pal, debbie and her two grandkids too!

{i totally forgot my fancy camera and cant believe i put up with the quality of my crappy camera for so long!}
afterwards, the nearby park was having a big celebration but it was nap time and we had to go take care of some things at our other house so we left.
before our real estate agent fired us [can she even do that!?], we had to go mow the lawn at our house we're trying to sell and omg was it tall! i feel bad for our neighbor because the house on the other side of him is a foreclosure too and so he has to be boxed in between two un-taken-care-of houses!
while ryan mowed the lawn, corbin and i took a stroll around the neighborhood on the hunt for some good yard sales. after stopping at the local market for a gatorade for dad [and where i fell head over heels in love with coconut m&m's and havent been able to stop thinking about them since] we found some sales and scored a cute t-shirt that says, "peace, love, and cookies" and some yo gabba gabba bath time toys for one dollar!
by then end of the day we were all beat. cute sandals do no equal supportive sandals and i walked a lot that day! and it took ryan two hours to mow that lawn that would have taken him thirty minutes usually. so we headed home, had a good dinner, and went to bed early! oh how our saturdays have changed...

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  1. How fun and what gorgeous weather you have all been getting all the way over there! I'm jealous!


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