Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ten months old!

{here's a blooper shot. he had stood up on the back of the couch and then just went ahead and started walking forward!}
as usual corbin has been up to so much this last month. first off, he's walking! and it amazes me how much better he gets every single day. and once he figured out he could do it, there was no looking back. he wants to walk EVERYWHERE. at first it was just a few steps to the couch then a few steps back to the jumperoo but now he wanders all over the place. he's really getting the hang of bending down to pick up toys without holding onto anything too! and he loves walking carrying things in his hands! he has only one little problem though, and thats that he has no idea how to crawl on all fours. when he's sitting and wants to go to his tummy he is on all fours and rocks but when it comes to moving he plops down on his belly and scoots that way. he can pull up on just about everything from a sitting position but when he's on his tummy or back he is stuck there until someone helps him up. or if he has a low enough spot to crawl up onto [like my leg] he can get up from laying to standing.

his main vocabulary consists of "mama", "dada", and a hold-your-breath-until-your-face-turns-red grunt that means he is not happy with whatever is going on. like not feeding him fast enough. or this food you're trying to get me to eat is GROSS! or im ready for a drink. or pick me up. or why the heck do you have to change my diaper when i was just about to pull every sock i own out of this basket and onto the floor! sometimes i feel like he really does understand the meaning of mama and dada too. not that he directly calls us by name but he only says dada when he is having fun and is excited and since his dad is always playing with him that makes sense while mama is reserved for times when he is sleepy and wants to be cuddled or is crying cause he's hungry or hurt. corbin loves to get a reaction out of people too. if he's in the tub splashing water everywhere and you act like its surprising you, he cracks up! or if he's laying on the ground kicking something that makes a loud noise and you react to him, he will just keep doing it with the biggest smile on his face.

corbin is also up to three solid meals a day. i've been trying to put it off for so long as possible because i also wanted to keep it consistent and three meals a day is hard work. am i the only one who thinks this? two meals a day was hard. now i feel like my entire day is wake up. get breakfast ready. eat breakfast. clean up breakfast. nap. prepare lunch. eat lunch. clean up lunch. nap. get dinner ready. eat dinner. clean up dinner. bedtime. of course there is lots of playtime inbetween but still. maybe too because i make all his food it seems harder. but really i make myself three meals a day so why should i be complaining! moving on...he pretty much eats most of his food on his own and i only feed him the occasional puree [like meat when i have to hide it in something else] or yogurt for breakfast! new foods this month [and he still loves everything!] are: cream cheese, watermelon, ground beef, and apricots. im pretty sure his all time most favorite meal is tacos [black beans, ground beef, avocado, and cheese] but he gets soooo messy!
he eats them in just a diaper and then has a sick bath right after!
corbin is ALL BOY. there is no doubt about it. he says a low sounding vrooooom when he's riding in the front seat of the car [britney spears style, just down our gravel road] or when he sits on the lawn mower. he pushes anything with wheels around on the floor. he smacks his toys together all the time. when he wakes up in the morning and i ask him to tell me about his dreams he gets a tone to his voice and these expressions on his face like a four year old boy would talking about spaceships and super heros. i can only imagine the stories i will hear when he's that age.

he loves music and singing. he sleeps on his tummy most of the time.
his top two teeth [the middles ones] are starting to show more and more and its soooo cute! he loves looking at pictures of himself or at himself in the mirror [a little conceited ya think? haha]. he likes taking sips of water out of a cup [sippy's are for babies]. and smacks his lips when he sees me eating popcicles or something delicious that he wants a bite of! he gets into everything...but dont all babies!

{yes, thats the GARBAGE!}
and he's finally in a big boy carseat! he likes being higher so he can look out the window better.
and then of course, my other most favorite pictures from this month:

TWO MONTHS til this little guys first birthday!!!


  1. i really have to say, i think corbin is so freakin' adorable. i'm not even just saying that. he's seriously a super good looking kid. and also, did you completely skip crawling?

    he seems so much older than wyatt. wyatt will be 9 months old in less than 2 weeks and they're worlds apart i think. wyatt is still very baby-ish. i'm okay with that though.

  2. aw, jess thank you! i feel the same way about wyatt! he has the sweetest little face!
    and yes, corbin didnt want to have anything to do with crawling. he army crawled sometimes but never too far.
    and i think the same thing about babies a little older than corbin on other blogs or other friends kids but i think they just grow so big so fast we dont even realize the things they'll be up to in just a months time!


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