Thursday, June 24, 2010

fun in the sun...finally!

yesterday grammy [my mom] invited us over to go swimming in the pool at her condo and since the weather was finally nice around here we couldn't say no! i've been so excited for corbin to go swimming that i'd been ready for a while with everything he would need! {i got my game face on! bring it on pool!}
first dip in the pool!
he liked it so much, he wanted to dunk himself in!
{ladies, ladies there's enough of me to go around!} i love love love his face in this pic!
and believe me, it looks better in black and white! i am SO PALE!!!

and here's the pic i took with my camera phone to send to dad while we were there. he had sooo much fun! and i know we'll be back a lot this summer!


  1. so cute. i grabbed your newer button.

  2. thanks. the button is almost the same but whatever. they are fun to make! i LOVE your new header btw!

  3. he's having so much fun! that picture of him in the sunglasses is so cute :) also, you look great i'm jealous!


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