Sunday, June 20, 2010

dear corbin:

today is your dads first father's day and im sure you already know this, either because i tell you all the time or because you just know it all on your own, but you have the best daddy in the whole wide world! he loves you so, so, so much! and lives to make you smile and laugh! he plays with you. and sneaks you puffs before dinner. he carries you way up high on his shoulders. he reads you books in funny voices. and takes you for walks. he calls me to say, "where is my daily picture?" if i havent sent him one by noon. and he gets the biggest smile on his face when he comes home from work and sees you there waiting for him at the door. he's the only one who can still bounce you to sleep. and he holds you for your whole nap sometimes. he follows behind you when you are walking. and is right there to catch you before you fall. he told me the other day that you can almost play baseball with him and he would be the pitcher and only throw you balls, then you could just walk to first base. he changes your diapers. and puts you in your pj's. he always kisses you goodnight. you are what he has always dreamed of in a son and he is so proud of you every single day. you are ten months old and we still look at eachother often and ask how we got such a perfect baby. i know the two of you will always be best friends and that you love your daddy just as much as he loves you!

love, your mommy.


  1. thank you for checking out my blog :) yours is so adorable...seriously!
    auburn is super close to us we're in bothell, small world.
    look forward to following along too!


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