Saturday, June 19, 2010

baby gym graduation!

friday was baby gym graduation! after three long months its over. what will i do with my fridays now?

there is nothing i didnt love about taking corbin there every week. i met some other great moms and their adorable little babies! and corbin got to hang out with other little ones his own age and explore and learn and grow and do all sorts of stuff that would never happen on our living room floor!

graduation day was so fun. my sister, jaden, ryan, great grandma nana, mimi, and grandad all came to watch!
heres corbin and one of his best buds, drew! they were born on the same day! corbin was the only one in the class walking!
playing on the balance beam!
oh dont mind me. im just walking around with my big yellow ball!
getting his medal!
all the kids!
with miss shannon, the teacher. she is THE BEST baby gym teacher there is out there. im sure of it. and she is so much a part of why i loved the class so so much!


  1. So exciting (but sad that it's over!) I love the Little Gym, their graduation ceremonies are the best and the teachers are always so great. Wish we had one out here!

    ps thanks for voting for me!!

  2. i'm seriously going to look for something like this around where i live.

  3. i think that gymboree has the same sort of thing. wyatt will love it! plus it gets you out of the house too! :)


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