Thursday, June 10, 2010

and away he goes...

{click image to enlarge!}

he's walking. WALKING! i have no words for this post. i was JUST putting together a little photo collages of how he can cruise around furniture and his toys with a quickness for his ten month post [in a week and a half] and before i could even get those done im posting that my little boy can WALK! he's always preferred standing. he'd rather stand and play with his toys than sit. he's been standing all on his own for an average of thirty seconds for a while now but WALKING! im so proud of him. and so unprepared for this. and so excited. all at the same time! he looks sooo cute with his little zombie arms stretched out for balance! and last night he kept getting better and better at it by the hour. i promise to post a video soon but honestly i didnt get out of my pj's yesterday and didnt brush my greasy hair so the videos i do have will not be getting anywhere close to the internet! haha for now, enjoy pictures of my little nine month old baby WALKING!


  1. my son is 8 months and i can't imagine him walking at 9. that's amazing! my son hasn't even really gotten down crawling yet. in fact, he's not. he's trying though. way to go corbin!

  2. YAY Corbin! Way to go! Yes, life is about to change!

  3. Oh my Gosh!!!!!! Walking!! Brook has only taken a few steps here and there. She is so unmotivated lol. Congrats on your adorable squishy walker!!!


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