Friday, June 25, 2010

yeah, but corbin these shoes were MADE for walkin'

yesterday corbin and i took a little stroll to the river and i decided to let him try walking around in shoes since he's pretty much perfected walking in bare feet. he did good holding onto one hand, even better holding onto both, and not so great all by himself. he was, however a champ at walking around in the grass barefoot!

baby shoes, they kill me!
and ps. corbin crawled this morning! only like three little steps, er whatever they're called, but he did it!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

fun in the sun...finally!

yesterday grammy [my mom] invited us over to go swimming in the pool at her condo and since the weather was finally nice around here we couldn't say no! i've been so excited for corbin to go swimming that i'd been ready for a while with everything he would need! {i got my game face on! bring it on pool!}
first dip in the pool!
he liked it so much, he wanted to dunk himself in!
{ladies, ladies there's enough of me to go around!} i love love love his face in this pic!
and believe me, it looks better in black and white! i am SO PALE!!!

and here's the pic i took with my camera phone to send to dad while we were there. he had sooo much fun! and i know we'll be back a lot this summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ten months old!

{here's a blooper shot. he had stood up on the back of the couch and then just went ahead and started walking forward!}
as usual corbin has been up to so much this last month. first off, he's walking! and it amazes me how much better he gets every single day. and once he figured out he could do it, there was no looking back. he wants to walk EVERYWHERE. at first it was just a few steps to the couch then a few steps back to the jumperoo but now he wanders all over the place. he's really getting the hang of bending down to pick up toys without holding onto anything too! and he loves walking carrying things in his hands! he has only one little problem though, and thats that he has no idea how to crawl on all fours. when he's sitting and wants to go to his tummy he is on all fours and rocks but when it comes to moving he plops down on his belly and scoots that way. he can pull up on just about everything from a sitting position but when he's on his tummy or back he is stuck there until someone helps him up. or if he has a low enough spot to crawl up onto [like my leg] he can get up from laying to standing.

his main vocabulary consists of "mama", "dada", and a hold-your-breath-until-your-face-turns-red grunt that means he is not happy with whatever is going on. like not feeding him fast enough. or this food you're trying to get me to eat is GROSS! or im ready for a drink. or pick me up. or why the heck do you have to change my diaper when i was just about to pull every sock i own out of this basket and onto the floor! sometimes i feel like he really does understand the meaning of mama and dada too. not that he directly calls us by name but he only says dada when he is having fun and is excited and since his dad is always playing with him that makes sense while mama is reserved for times when he is sleepy and wants to be cuddled or is crying cause he's hungry or hurt. corbin loves to get a reaction out of people too. if he's in the tub splashing water everywhere and you act like its surprising you, he cracks up! or if he's laying on the ground kicking something that makes a loud noise and you react to him, he will just keep doing it with the biggest smile on his face.

corbin is also up to three solid meals a day. i've been trying to put it off for so long as possible because i also wanted to keep it consistent and three meals a day is hard work. am i the only one who thinks this? two meals a day was hard. now i feel like my entire day is wake up. get breakfast ready. eat breakfast. clean up breakfast. nap. prepare lunch. eat lunch. clean up lunch. nap. get dinner ready. eat dinner. clean up dinner. bedtime. of course there is lots of playtime inbetween but still. maybe too because i make all his food it seems harder. but really i make myself three meals a day so why should i be complaining! moving on...he pretty much eats most of his food on his own and i only feed him the occasional puree [like meat when i have to hide it in something else] or yogurt for breakfast! new foods this month [and he still loves everything!] are: cream cheese, watermelon, ground beef, and apricots. im pretty sure his all time most favorite meal is tacos [black beans, ground beef, avocado, and cheese] but he gets soooo messy!
he eats them in just a diaper and then has a sick bath right after!
corbin is ALL BOY. there is no doubt about it. he says a low sounding vrooooom when he's riding in the front seat of the car [britney spears style, just down our gravel road] or when he sits on the lawn mower. he pushes anything with wheels around on the floor. he smacks his toys together all the time. when he wakes up in the morning and i ask him to tell me about his dreams he gets a tone to his voice and these expressions on his face like a four year old boy would talking about spaceships and super heros. i can only imagine the stories i will hear when he's that age.

he loves music and singing. he sleeps on his tummy most of the time.
his top two teeth [the middles ones] are starting to show more and more and its soooo cute! he loves looking at pictures of himself or at himself in the mirror [a little conceited ya think? haha]. he likes taking sips of water out of a cup [sippy's are for babies]. and smacks his lips when he sees me eating popcicles or something delicious that he wants a bite of! he gets into everything...but dont all babies!

{yes, thats the GARBAGE!}
and he's finally in a big boy carseat! he likes being higher so he can look out the window better.
and then of course, my other most favorite pictures from this month:

TWO MONTHS til this little guys first birthday!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

dear corbin:

today is your dads first father's day and im sure you already know this, either because i tell you all the time or because you just know it all on your own, but you have the best daddy in the whole wide world! he loves you so, so, so much! and lives to make you smile and laugh! he plays with you. and sneaks you puffs before dinner. he carries you way up high on his shoulders. he reads you books in funny voices. and takes you for walks. he calls me to say, "where is my daily picture?" if i havent sent him one by noon. and he gets the biggest smile on his face when he comes home from work and sees you there waiting for him at the door. he's the only one who can still bounce you to sleep. and he holds you for your whole nap sometimes. he follows behind you when you are walking. and is right there to catch you before you fall. he told me the other day that you can almost play baseball with him and he would be the pitcher and only throw you balls, then you could just walk to first base. he changes your diapers. and puts you in your pj's. he always kisses you goodnight. you are what he has always dreamed of in a son and he is so proud of you every single day. you are ten months old and we still look at eachother often and ask how we got such a perfect baby. i know the two of you will always be best friends and that you love your daddy just as much as he loves you!

love, your mommy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

wedding blog hop!

so im a few days late. i dont tweet. but i'm joining the blog hop any-ole'-ways!
my wedding was the most perfect day of my whole life. full of all the family and friends we loved the most. beautiful weather. amazing scenery. delicious food. singing and dancing. tons and tons of love. i could never have asked for a better day. i only wish i remembered it better. its crazy how long you spend planning a single day. and then like that, its done. you're married. rushing off to your honeymoon. [in mexico with your un-invited guest hurricane john. oh, thats just us?! hhmmm...]

we were married on august twenty sixth, two thousand six. two months shy of our first date four years earlier. i'd hoped from the second i layed eyes on ryan that he would be "the one".

and he was.

with my sister and niece by my side and two of ryans oldest childhood friends [i wish i wouldnt have made him chose only two. he would have had four of his best buds but i didnt want it to be "uneven". now i think that was silly of me!]
the day is so blurry in my mind. ryan stayed the night at his parents the night before [yes we living together before we were married!] and i remember peeking out the curtains to see him once i finally made my way down to his parents house [we were married in their front yard] and getting butterflies. i was so in love with him and felt so lucky to have met him when i did. and so lucky that he was in love with me just as much as i was head over heels in love with him.

the ceremony was short and sweet. our vows loving and homeade.
and the first kiss as mister and misses was perfect! and all the others that followed...but we wanted to celebrate!
and that we did. the food was delicious. the wedding cake to die for. the toasts so heartfelt and emotional. our first dance so romantic.
the dj sang karaoke to most songs. the others he had fancy hand jive dances too. at first i freaked out but it was so funny i had to just let it go and enjoy the craziness! my husband and his friends even joined in the fun by the end of the night.
i always tell ryan i want to marry him over and over and over again.

a day out...without corbin.

i have so many many things to blog about. corbin turned ten months old yesterday. he also had his baby gym graduation. tomorrow is fathers day. i really want to join the twitter wedding blog hop [even though i dont tweet what girl can pass up posting their wedding pictures for all to see!] but i want to get this out while the feelings are still fresh. it may seem so lame to some of you moms who have to go back to work or who go on dates with the hubs often but i have a hard time leaving a really hard time. it might be because he's still so dependent on me [he is still breastfeeding every three hours] or that i feel like no one can take care of him like i do or that i feel like there is nothing i really have to do that he cant just come along. ryan and i have always been home-bodies. we'd rather snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie than go to a bar or club so staying home with him is no big deal.

so, to make a long story short not so long, i have been complaining to ryan about my clothes for months. while its ah-mazing to be twenty pounds lighter than i was before i got pregnant, it sucks to not have any clothes that fit me anymore! not only clothes that dont fit but clothes that i wore before i was a mom. i dont want to make myself older than i am but really, im twenty seven. thats pretty darn close to thirty. and i just dont feel comfortable hanging out in abercrombie jeans with holes in them anymore. i've tried for a long while to not let it bug me but i think its really starting to mess with my self esteem. i dont feel cute in baggy jeans that are now two sizes too big. i dont feel cute in "destroyed denim" and i want to start dressing like a grown up. so i broke down and asked ryan what he thought about me going and getting some new clothes and being the sweetheart that he is, he replied, "of course" without the least bit of hesitation even though we are strapped for cash these days. so today i went shopping. and guess what i found? NOTHING! its like i forgot how to shop. i have no idea whats in style. i havent been hiding under a rock but i havent had my regular body in over twenty months! and even now its not the body im used to. before i was able to shop online because i knew what size i wore at what store and now i feel so clueless.

but this post is really supposed to be about me leaving corbin. and how i got in the car and turned the radio up loud and sang old school mary j. blige at the top of my lungs while at the same time my eyes welled up with tears for feeling guilty for leaving. or feeling happy to be gone on my own. and for missing him so much even though i was only two minutes down the road. i keep telling myself it will get better when he's older. once he doesnt depend on his mommy so much. it got better once i actually got to my destination and my mind started focusing on other things. then ryan sent me this picture of corbin eating lunch and i finally realized what it must be like for him to leave every day for work. when i finally got home three hours later corbin didnt even seem to notice the that i'd been gone for too long. i got a big smile as i walked in the door and then he was off to play and soon he was ready for his afternoon nap. there's no doubt he had fun with his daddy and i think its important for them to spend some male bonding time together. i only hope this gets easier...

baby gym graduation!

friday was baby gym graduation! after three long months its over. what will i do with my fridays now?

there is nothing i didnt love about taking corbin there every week. i met some other great moms and their adorable little babies! and corbin got to hang out with other little ones his own age and explore and learn and grow and do all sorts of stuff that would never happen on our living room floor!

graduation day was so fun. my sister, jaden, ryan, great grandma nana, mimi, and grandad all came to watch!
heres corbin and one of his best buds, drew! they were born on the same day! corbin was the only one in the class walking!
playing on the balance beam!
oh dont mind me. im just walking around with my big yellow ball!
getting his medal!
all the kids!
with miss shannon, the teacher. she is THE BEST baby gym teacher there is out there. im sure of it. and she is so much a part of why i loved the class so so much!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i am rambo!

and there will be no messing with my mommy! YOU GOT IT!?!?!

Monday, June 14, 2010

there was no rain on this parade!

this past month, everytime we drove through the little area known as four corners, we would see the big sign hung saying, "maple valley days! second weekend in june! parade at ten am!" so we decided to get up and out of the house early saturday morning and go check it out. the rain has finally stopped around here [im sure it will be back way sooner than any of us want though] and i actually busted out a pair of shorts [and blinded anyone who looked my direction with my pasty white legs! but hey, i gotta start my tan somewhere, right!?].

we settled in at a perfect little spot we found right in the shade and waited for the parade to start. i was nervous corbin would freak out when the bands starting coming by playing their music loud but i think he actually enjoyed it! and we even ran into my pal, debbie and her two grandkids too!

{i totally forgot my fancy camera and cant believe i put up with the quality of my crappy camera for so long!}
afterwards, the nearby park was having a big celebration but it was nap time and we had to go take care of some things at our other house so we left.
before our real estate agent fired us [can she even do that!?], we had to go mow the lawn at our house we're trying to sell and omg was it tall! i feel bad for our neighbor because the house on the other side of him is a foreclosure too and so he has to be boxed in between two un-taken-care-of houses!
while ryan mowed the lawn, corbin and i took a stroll around the neighborhood on the hunt for some good yard sales. after stopping at the local market for a gatorade for dad [and where i fell head over heels in love with coconut m&m's and havent been able to stop thinking about them since] we found some sales and scored a cute t-shirt that says, "peace, love, and cookies" and some yo gabba gabba bath time toys for one dollar!
by then end of the day we were all beat. cute sandals do no equal supportive sandals and i walked a lot that day! and it took ryan two hours to mow that lawn that would have taken him thirty minutes usually. so we headed home, had a good dinner, and went to bed early! oh how our saturdays have changed...
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