Sunday, May 16, 2010

thirty eight weeks and five days ago...

i was thirty eight weeks and five days pregnant. i had went to my weekly appointment with my midwife the day before and after having pretty high blood pressure and then doing some tests for preeclampsia and having them come back higher than normal and checking me out and seeing that i was already three cm dialated and eighty percent effaced [oh wow, no wonder i had been so uncomfortable!]. i was also having pretty regular contractions that didn’t hurt but that i could definitely feel the tightening in my stomach. they decided to go ahead and admit me to the hospital and get the show on the road. i remember being so scared. the thought of pitocin freaked me out. i’d heard such awful things about how it makes the contractions so much more painful. and i wanted to do this thing naturally. like, no iv natural, let alone pitocin! my midwife assured me we would take it slow though and that i could handle it. and i did handle it. for eighteen long hours i handled it. and had no idea just how painful the pitocin contractions were until they turned the pitocin off the next morning once my natural contractions started kicking in on their own. anyway, without re-writing my birth story, fast forward to the next day [august 18th] at 1:47 pm when the most perfectly handsome baby boy was delivered to a very exhausted but overwhelmed with love and joy momma! who could have cared less how he came into this world. drugs, no drugs, c-section, it didn’t matter. she was just happy he was finally here at all! i cant even believe he’s been an outside baby for as long as he’d been an inside baby today!

how we went from this itty-bitty, swollen, bundle of cuteness:to this big, little boy who puts a smile on my face every second of every day: just blows my mind!
in two days he will turn nine months. its so bittersweet to me. he's growing up and learning and becoming this incredibly fun and silly little boy, but at the same time HES GROWING UP and im losing my itty bitty baby. i cant even wrap my head around the fact he will be ONE YEAR OLD in three more months!


  1. Hello from your newest follower:-)

  2. Isnt it crazy?! Brook turned 9 months 5 days ago =( I was just thinking about their newborn post, I got teary eyed....sad....

  3. aww what a sweet post! I was looking for your party post since I found you from the party :)
    I am your newest follower!
    Hope to see you and your sweet baby boy around!
    I am originally from Kent, wa and grew up in auburn for half my life!! Too bad i dont live there anymore, our boys are soo close in age!


  4. What a cutie patootie! I want to go the natural route when I have 10 years that is!

  5. Found you on D-List! :)

    Corbin is a cutie...I can't believe how quick kids grow up!!

    Newest follower :)


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