Thursday, May 20, 2010

nine months old.

why is this fake sign grey and blue? and these two below green you ask? well thats because when i use a REAL sign i get pictures like these nowadays:
this is such a bittersweet month for me. as my tiny infant slips farther and farther out of my grasp, a mobile and smiley and funny baby is taking his place. im sad that tiny infant is gone but im also excited for all the things that are sure to come in these next three months before he becomes...dare i even say it...a...TODDLER! things like crawling [maybe] and walking and waving bye bye and blowing kisses and clapping!

corbin can already give high fives [mostly just in the morning though] and can play peek-a-boo! he thinks its funny to breath really loud and fast out of his nose. he laughs more and more. and he has been grinding his teeth like crazy lately! all four teeth on top are out now too! here's the classic corbin grinding his teeth look.
and there are not many times when something [mostly his fingers or whole hand!] isnt in his mouth.
{its normal for me to think i have the cutest kid on the whole planet, right!?! booger in his nose and all!}
in the food department, corbin has been grubbing on anything he can get his hands on. especially little pieces of who-knows-what on the floor! or cardboard and paper! besides those he's had whole wheat toast, [farm fresh] egg yolks, asparagus, tofu rolled in wheat germ, cheddar cheese, black beans, papaya, cantaloupe, potatoes, and cottage cheese new this month. and like everything else, he's loved it all. he's started eating a lot more finger foods too which is a nice change to have him feed himself. but it does get pretty messy. our nine month check up is monday so im excited to see how much this little chubster weighs because i swear he never gets full! but we are talking about a baby whose mom who can eat an entire pizza all on her own!
until just a few days ago, corbin has had no interest in crawling. like more than NONE! but two weeks ago at baby gym i could see his frustration as some of the other babies whizzed by him and he must have had a ah-ha moment because a few days ago he started army crawling! [i'll post a video soon!] i think he is still a little annoyed with how slow he is and how much work it must be because he is kind of fussy while he does it. walking holding someones hands is waaaay easier and he can get where he wants muuuch faster. its a start though! and speaking of walking, although corbin is still kinda wobbly, he has taken up to four steps at a time without anyone holding on to him! and his longest standing alone record is eleven seconds! he can cruise pretty well holding onto his toys or the couch too. and when he's sitting or laying on his tummy he's been figuring out how to pull himself up onto things better and is also pretty good at not face planting when he goes from sitting to his tummy anymore!
one of my most favorite things to happen this month [and maybe most of the month before too] is that corbin can completely put himself to sleep now. okay, not completely but i dont rock or bounce him anymore. when we got to bed at night. he just nurses, plays with his feet for a little bit and babbles about his day for a while, then he just rolls over and i rub his back and sing to him and he falls asleep! i really cherish that snuggly alone time we share together every night.
he also takes two naps a day [about an hour each] and sleeps from about 6-7 to 7-8 each morning!
and now for some of my favorite pictures of the month! {love, love, love him!} {this face kills me! he's soooo sweet!} {do we have a sky-divin' elvis on our hands???} {see, i told you he likes to eat cardboard!} {mmmm...monkey tails!} {this is the "i've had enough pictures" pose}
and is it weird to anyone else that i have not a single question for our pediatrician this month!?! what kinds of questions did you ask at your nine month appointment?

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  1. Happy nine months Corbin!! These pictures are so cute! I love the photo of him in the box. Oh, those eyes!!


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