Wednesday, May 26, 2010

nine month stats.

monday we had our nine month appointment with our lovely pediatrician. she was happy to hear corbin was still being breastfed, eating solid foods without any problems, on his way to walking, and army crawling. he was as happy as could be babbling away and loving the paper they put on top of the little bed in the room. its weird how much he's changed since the last time we were there. i did come up with one question to ask her about if him grinding his teeth should be a concern. she said to just let him do it because he's discovering that are really teeth in there now and that he will do lots of weird things like hold his breath! which im so glad she warned me about because that seems a little scary! he already does the incredible hulk face when he gets aaaaangry where it looks like a vein might pop out of his head sometimes. and he breathes in really loudly. [does that even make sense!?!] like he sucks in air and it makes a weird noise. oh, anyways here are his stats.

he weighs in at 17 lbs, 10 oz (7.84 percentile)
his noggin is 44.8 cm (33.49 percentile)
and he is 2' 1.98" long (0.93 percentile)

i was surprised about his weight. he feels much, much heavier. and thats only two pounds heavier than his six month appointment but i know that since he is always moving that might have happened. and i guess he is a short little guy. seriously, less than one percent of babies are his height?!? we joked in the elevator we might have a jockey on our hands. he doesnt seem short at all. weird.

he also took his polio vaccine like a champ. just a big yelp when they stuck him and then he was fine. whatever, i still baby-ed him anyways.


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