Tuesday, May 18, 2010

monkey-ing around

the hubs and i usually dont take things too seriously. so when he booked a vacation for his best buds bachelor party to vegas on my very first mothers day i just went a little bit crazy, er i mean, i understood that it was the weekend that worked best for everyone and that he didnt realize it was mothers day weekend when he booked it months before. honestly, i was a little bit crushed but then i remembered how the early years of our relationship had been. when a valentines day came around and i worked during the day just to get home to ryans truck pulling out of the driveway on his way to work for the evening we just made "valentines day" on another day that we would be able to spend together. so why couldnt this be any different? plus, i actually got TWO mothers days out of the deal! one spent with my mom and sister relaxing and bbq'ing on my sisters porch with the beautiful lake in the background. and another one with just my two favorite guys drinking starbucks, eating taco del mar, and going to the zoo!

it was a beautiful day and i got at least a weeks worth of exercise walking up and down all those hills!
first stop...MONKEYS!
and elephants! and lions! and all the other fun zoo animals!we decided after about thirty seconds that bringing the stroller was the dumbest idea ever. corbin couldnt see anything! luckily i threw this carrier in the back and he liked it much better. although his dad will be carrying his chubby baby around the next time we go! whew!
{i promise we were both happier than this picture portrays!}
and just before we left, we decided to take a ride on the carousel. corbin loves them and thinks its funny to have his dad whiz by every few seconds!
we were there a few hours and still didnt see everything so i cant wait to go back. for just a little bit more than a one time admission for the three of us, we got a great deal on an annual zoo membership so we took advantage of that and can go back anytime we want for the whole year! plus, we can bring three friends free of charge every.single.time.


  1. Oh I so want to bring Brook to the zoo!! You look like you guys had tons of fun! And thanks for the advice on the stroller. Especially at the portland zoo, it gets SO crowed! A stroller would be such a hassle.

  2. we ahve made three plans to hit the zoo in the last month and got rained out everytime! i cant wait to bring my lil man there. It sounds like you had two wonderful days. Im new to your blog...you have a cute little dude. Love his name!

  3. Hey! Found you from the Block Party!

    My son loves the carousel too!

  4. Is this Point Defiance? How fun! Gosh, I can't wait to take Henry to the zoo someday...I bet Corbin had a blast!! Two Mother's Days sounds like a good deal to me, I'm glad you all took the time to make sure you got to celebrate your first very special day.

    Love the picture of you and Corbin on the carousel, that's a face of pure joy that boy's wearing :)

  5. adriana. i hope you get to go soon! i hate being rained out of a fun time! and it happens a lot here in the pacific northwest!

    allie. it is point defiance. i hadnt been there since i was in the fifth grade! henry will LOVE the zoo!


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