Monday, May 10, 2010

the lost photos!!!

last month after coming home from our lincoln city vacation i totally lost my littletakewithmeeverywhereigo camera which totally sucks because i am still too chicken to take the fancy one with me most places! [until i can get one of these that is! hint, hint] i searched our car, i terrorized our house, i called the hotel...nothing. it was gone.
except that for mothers day my amazing husband baby boy got me a super cool new camera and thats when it hit me. my camera was in my big bulky fancy dlsr camera bag that i never use! so i rushed behind the couch, opened the bag, and there it was. woops! more than the camera i was so excited to have the memory card inside with pictures like this one of corbin crossing over the washington/oregon border for the very first time! he's really excited by the looks of it and i just KNOW he'll love having a picture of himself going into a whole 'nother state for the first time when he's older, cuz who wouldn't! right?!and you cant forget this one of corbin at one of my all time most favorite places to eat breakfast [i think i just like the name the most but whatevs the food is good too] pig 'n pancake!and then there's this one. i just love this picture.
welcome back little tag-a-long camera!


  1. 1. He is SO cute!
    2. Pig n' Pancake is pretty much AMAZING!
    3. I live near astoria so I get to enjoy the Pig whenever I want =) Im actually on a picture in the Pig in Astoria!

  2. Love that shot of his name in the sand!


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