Wednesday, May 05, 2010

lighthouses are awesome.

yesterday while on our way to the grocery store, i decided to drive by what is technically still "our house" to check things out. you know, make sure no homeless people have busted the back window out and moved in. everything looked fine except the extremely long grass! and i wanted so badly to pick some of those beautiful pink flowers to take home with me but everytime i bent down to pick some a huge bumble bee came flying out as to say, "this place belongs to us now! stay away!" since corbin was sleeping i decided to drive to one of my favorite spots in the area that i dont [and didnt] go to nearly as much as i'd liked to and wait for him to wake up.
the browns point lighthouse. on the way i got to show corbin [even though he was sleeping] where mommy and daddy first lived together. on a beautiful golf course right on a pond where i could feed the ducks anytime i wanted! and the elementary school where i first worked when i moved up to seattle after high school. [two days after to be exact!] this area will always hold a very special place in my heart. i really love everything about it. it seems far away from the busy town, yet close enough to everything you need. its really laid back and friendly. and the grocery store checkers know you by name.
once he woke up i took him outside to show him around. since it was only us and some creepy guy who parked RIGHT NEXT to us even though the entire parking lot was empty, i decided we should stay close to the car and not walk down to the beach.
i think he liked it as much as i did!
even though this isnt the cutest pic of me [whats with the head tilting!?! and holy chicken pox scar on the tip of my nose!], i just love corbins face in it. he looks like an old man whose had one too many beers at the bar! too funny.


  1. I visited a lighthouse in Maine and was in love!!!!

  2. I have never been here (that I'm aware of!) It's so pretty :) I love Corbin's expression in the last photo! Happy Mother's Day!


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