Tuesday, May 04, 2010

i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll make a tree fall on your house!

{i love how even a mohawk curls up on his head}
monday morning after a fun bath time at mimi's [our well water is a little on the ick side at the moment so good thing grandma only lives two houses away!]
watching the hummingbirds outside the window and getting all wrinkly,
corbin got to put his chubby little footprints in the cement where grandad is adding on to his deck and is putting the stairs [the footprints part will stick out though-he added extra room for them!] its hard work writing in cement. i imagined myself making his name all cute and cursive-y. instead i barely pulled off what you see above!
here's the best pic we got that day of him next to it. there was mud everywhere so i didnt want to set him down plus it was WINDY. like a tree had already crashed thru a house down the street windy! [i wanted to get a pic but thought that might be a little bit stalker-ish maybe] so here are some from my front yard the day after the storm.
that huge branch was actually only centimeters away from busting thru my living room window [ryan just moved it] and im so glad i wasnt home or i may have had a heart attack!
i was home, however, when that big dumb branch came crashing down right next to my house! pieces of it fell on my roof and after hyperventilating i wrapped corbin up and rushed across the road to great grandma nana's where at least she has a second story to protect us!

and without walking up my neighbors driveway or thru scary, spider infested bushes [im getting itchy just typing this!], this is the best picture i could get of what fell. there is a ton more to the left. and see that weird upside-down wood boat that they have for decoration i guess, there is a telephone wire that two days later is still down! [but dont worry, our phones work just fine].
this is in great grandma nana's yard. THREE trees fell in her yard and countless branches fell everywhere else. the power finally went out around 2pm and didnt come back on until midnight. so we hung out next door digging thru ryan's old toy closet! and oh boy did we find some treasures...[more on that to come!]

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