Wednesday, May 26, 2010

nine month stats.

monday we had our nine month appointment with our lovely pediatrician. she was happy to hear corbin was still being breastfed, eating solid foods without any problems, on his way to walking, and army crawling. he was as happy as could be babbling away and loving the paper they put on top of the little bed in the room. its weird how much he's changed since the last time we were there. i did come up with one question to ask her about if him grinding his teeth should be a concern. she said to just let him do it because he's discovering that are really teeth in there now and that he will do lots of weird things like hold his breath! which im so glad she warned me about because that seems a little scary! he already does the incredible hulk face when he gets aaaaangry where it looks like a vein might pop out of his head sometimes. and he breathes in really loudly. [does that even make sense!?!] like he sucks in air and it makes a weird noise. oh, anyways here are his stats.

he weighs in at 17 lbs, 10 oz (7.84 percentile)
his noggin is 44.8 cm (33.49 percentile)
and he is 2' 1.98" long (0.93 percentile)

i was surprised about his weight. he feels much, much heavier. and thats only two pounds heavier than his six month appointment but i know that since he is always moving that might have happened. and i guess he is a short little guy. seriously, less than one percent of babies are his height?!? we joked in the elevator we might have a jockey on our hands. he doesnt seem short at all. weird.

he also took his polio vaccine like a champ. just a big yelp when they stuck him and then he was fine. whatever, i still baby-ed him anyways.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

meet corbins new friend...

the laundry basket. no joke he spent an entire half hour walking around the kitchen doing this the other night while i was making dinner. silly guy!

now if i could only find something to keep him entertained while i cook dinner every night...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

he's moving...and it only took 100 posts to do it!

a few days ago corbin decided he was ready to move all on his own! something has to be pretty enticing still for him to go [like his et or the mini vaccum!], but he's already getting faster!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

nine months old.

why is this fake sign grey and blue? and these two below green you ask? well thats because when i use a REAL sign i get pictures like these nowadays:
this is such a bittersweet month for me. as my tiny infant slips farther and farther out of my grasp, a mobile and smiley and funny baby is taking his place. im sad that tiny infant is gone but im also excited for all the things that are sure to come in these next three months before he becomes...dare i even say it...a...TODDLER! things like crawling [maybe] and walking and waving bye bye and blowing kisses and clapping!

corbin can already give high fives [mostly just in the morning though] and can play peek-a-boo! he thinks its funny to breath really loud and fast out of his nose. he laughs more and more. and he has been grinding his teeth like crazy lately! all four teeth on top are out now too! here's the classic corbin grinding his teeth look.
and there are not many times when something [mostly his fingers or whole hand!] isnt in his mouth.
{its normal for me to think i have the cutest kid on the whole planet, right!?! booger in his nose and all!}
in the food department, corbin has been grubbing on anything he can get his hands on. especially little pieces of who-knows-what on the floor! or cardboard and paper! besides those he's had whole wheat toast, [farm fresh] egg yolks, asparagus, tofu rolled in wheat germ, cheddar cheese, black beans, papaya, cantaloupe, potatoes, and cottage cheese new this month. and like everything else, he's loved it all. he's started eating a lot more finger foods too which is a nice change to have him feed himself. but it does get pretty messy. our nine month check up is monday so im excited to see how much this little chubster weighs because i swear he never gets full! but we are talking about a baby whose mom who can eat an entire pizza all on her own!
until just a few days ago, corbin has had no interest in crawling. like more than NONE! but two weeks ago at baby gym i could see his frustration as some of the other babies whizzed by him and he must have had a ah-ha moment because a few days ago he started army crawling! [i'll post a video soon!] i think he is still a little annoyed with how slow he is and how much work it must be because he is kind of fussy while he does it. walking holding someones hands is waaaay easier and he can get where he wants muuuch faster. its a start though! and speaking of walking, although corbin is still kinda wobbly, he has taken up to four steps at a time without anyone holding on to him! and his longest standing alone record is eleven seconds! he can cruise pretty well holding onto his toys or the couch too. and when he's sitting or laying on his tummy he's been figuring out how to pull himself up onto things better and is also pretty good at not face planting when he goes from sitting to his tummy anymore!
one of my most favorite things to happen this month [and maybe most of the month before too] is that corbin can completely put himself to sleep now. okay, not completely but i dont rock or bounce him anymore. when we got to bed at night. he just nurses, plays with his feet for a little bit and babbles about his day for a while, then he just rolls over and i rub his back and sing to him and he falls asleep! i really cherish that snuggly alone time we share together every night.
he also takes two naps a day [about an hour each] and sleeps from about 6-7 to 7-8 each morning!
and now for some of my favorite pictures of the month! {love, love, love him!} {this face kills me! he's soooo sweet!} {do we have a sky-divin' elvis on our hands???} {see, i told you he likes to eat cardboard!} {mmmm...monkey tails!} {this is the "i've had enough pictures" pose}
and is it weird to anyone else that i have not a single question for our pediatrician this month!?! what kinds of questions did you ask at your nine month appointment?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

monkey-ing around

the hubs and i usually dont take things too seriously. so when he booked a vacation for his best buds bachelor party to vegas on my very first mothers day i just went a little bit crazy, er i mean, i understood that it was the weekend that worked best for everyone and that he didnt realize it was mothers day weekend when he booked it months before. honestly, i was a little bit crushed but then i remembered how the early years of our relationship had been. when a valentines day came around and i worked during the day just to get home to ryans truck pulling out of the driveway on his way to work for the evening we just made "valentines day" on another day that we would be able to spend together. so why couldnt this be any different? plus, i actually got TWO mothers days out of the deal! one spent with my mom and sister relaxing and bbq'ing on my sisters porch with the beautiful lake in the background. and another one with just my two favorite guys drinking starbucks, eating taco del mar, and going to the zoo!

it was a beautiful day and i got at least a weeks worth of exercise walking up and down all those hills!
first stop...MONKEYS!
and elephants! and lions! and all the other fun zoo animals!we decided after about thirty seconds that bringing the stroller was the dumbest idea ever. corbin couldnt see anything! luckily i threw this carrier in the back and he liked it much better. although his dad will be carrying his chubby baby around the next time we go! whew!
{i promise we were both happier than this picture portrays!}
and just before we left, we decided to take a ride on the carousel. corbin loves them and thinks its funny to have his dad whiz by every few seconds!
we were there a few hours and still didnt see everything so i cant wait to go back. for just a little bit more than a one time admission for the three of us, we got a great deal on an annual zoo membership so we took advantage of that and can go back anytime we want for the whole year! plus, we can bring three friends free of charge every.single.time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

thirty eight weeks and five days ago...

i was thirty eight weeks and five days pregnant. i had went to my weekly appointment with my midwife the day before and after having pretty high blood pressure and then doing some tests for preeclampsia and having them come back higher than normal and checking me out and seeing that i was already three cm dialated and eighty percent effaced [oh wow, no wonder i had been so uncomfortable!]. i was also having pretty regular contractions that didn’t hurt but that i could definitely feel the tightening in my stomach. they decided to go ahead and admit me to the hospital and get the show on the road. i remember being so scared. the thought of pitocin freaked me out. i’d heard such awful things about how it makes the contractions so much more painful. and i wanted to do this thing naturally. like, no iv natural, let alone pitocin! my midwife assured me we would take it slow though and that i could handle it. and i did handle it. for eighteen long hours i handled it. and had no idea just how painful the pitocin contractions were until they turned the pitocin off the next morning once my natural contractions started kicking in on their own. anyway, without re-writing my birth story, fast forward to the next day [august 18th] at 1:47 pm when the most perfectly handsome baby boy was delivered to a very exhausted but overwhelmed with love and joy momma! who could have cared less how he came into this world. drugs, no drugs, c-section, it didn’t matter. she was just happy he was finally here at all! i cant even believe he’s been an outside baby for as long as he’d been an inside baby today!

how we went from this itty-bitty, swollen, bundle of cuteness:to this big, little boy who puts a smile on my face every second of every day: just blows my mind!
in two days he will turn nine months. its so bittersweet to me. he's growing up and learning and becoming this incredibly fun and silly little boy, but at the same time HES GROWING UP and im losing my itty bitty baby. i cant even wrap my head around the fact he will be ONE YEAR OLD in three more months!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hey, little monkey...

do you want to sit still for one second so mommy can take a cute picture?
yay, i think i got one!!! wanna try for one more?oh, you dont? hhhmmm okay.

moments i treasure.

these rosy, after-naptime cheeks and the snuggles that follow!

Monday, May 10, 2010

the lost photos!!!

last month after coming home from our lincoln city vacation i totally lost my littletakewithmeeverywhereigo camera which totally sucks because i am still too chicken to take the fancy one with me most places! [until i can get one of these that is! hint, hint] i searched our car, i terrorized our house, i called the hotel...nothing. it was gone.
except that for mothers day my amazing husband baby boy got me a super cool new camera and thats when it hit me. my camera was in my big bulky fancy dlsr camera bag that i never use! so i rushed behind the couch, opened the bag, and there it was. woops! more than the camera i was so excited to have the memory card inside with pictures like this one of corbin crossing over the washington/oregon border for the very first time! he's really excited by the looks of it and i just KNOW he'll love having a picture of himself going into a whole 'nother state for the first time when he's older, cuz who wouldn't! right?!and you cant forget this one of corbin at one of my all time most favorite places to eat breakfast [i think i just like the name the most but whatevs the food is good too] pig 'n pancake!and then there's this one. i just love this picture.
welcome back little tag-a-long camera!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

happy mothers day.

corbin, it is because of you i am a mother. thank you for being your silly little self and always making me smile. i love you more than words could ever say.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

oh how i love our backyard.

in other news, corbin and i dropped ryan off at the airport this morning. he's in vegas for his best buddies bachelor party! [oh boy!] we have a lot of activities scheduled to take our minds off it though. we miss him already and cant wait for him to come home!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

lighthouses are awesome.

yesterday while on our way to the grocery store, i decided to drive by what is technically still "our house" to check things out. you know, make sure no homeless people have busted the back window out and moved in. everything looked fine except the extremely long grass! and i wanted so badly to pick some of those beautiful pink flowers to take home with me but everytime i bent down to pick some a huge bumble bee came flying out as to say, "this place belongs to us now! stay away!" since corbin was sleeping i decided to drive to one of my favorite spots in the area that i dont [and didnt] go to nearly as much as i'd liked to and wait for him to wake up.
the browns point lighthouse. on the way i got to show corbin [even though he was sleeping] where mommy and daddy first lived together. on a beautiful golf course right on a pond where i could feed the ducks anytime i wanted! and the elementary school where i first worked when i moved up to seattle after high school. [two days after to be exact!] this area will always hold a very special place in my heart. i really love everything about it. it seems far away from the busy town, yet close enough to everything you need. its really laid back and friendly. and the grocery store checkers know you by name.
once he woke up i took him outside to show him around. since it was only us and some creepy guy who parked RIGHT NEXT to us even though the entire parking lot was empty, i decided we should stay close to the car and not walk down to the beach.
i think he liked it as much as i did!
even though this isnt the cutest pic of me [whats with the head tilting!?! and holy chicken pox scar on the tip of my nose!], i just love corbins face in it. he looks like an old man whose had one too many beers at the bar! too funny.

corbin's first birthday preview!

i know its three and a half months away [what!?!] but corbin's first birthday party planning and decoration making has begun!

feel free to leave a comment with some cute ideas you may have that would fit the theme!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll make a tree fall on your house!

{i love how even a mohawk curls up on his head}
monday morning after a fun bath time at mimi's [our well water is a little on the ick side at the moment so good thing grandma only lives two houses away!]
watching the hummingbirds outside the window and getting all wrinkly,
corbin got to put his chubby little footprints in the cement where grandad is adding on to his deck and is putting the stairs [the footprints part will stick out though-he added extra room for them!] its hard work writing in cement. i imagined myself making his name all cute and cursive-y. instead i barely pulled off what you see above!
here's the best pic we got that day of him next to it. there was mud everywhere so i didnt want to set him down plus it was WINDY. like a tree had already crashed thru a house down the street windy! [i wanted to get a pic but thought that might be a little bit stalker-ish maybe] so here are some from my front yard the day after the storm.
that huge branch was actually only centimeters away from busting thru my living room window [ryan just moved it] and im so glad i wasnt home or i may have had a heart attack!
i was home, however, when that big dumb branch came crashing down right next to my house! pieces of it fell on my roof and after hyperventilating i wrapped corbin up and rushed across the road to great grandma nana's where at least she has a second story to protect us!

and without walking up my neighbors driveway or thru scary, spider infested bushes [im getting itchy just typing this!], this is the best picture i could get of what fell. there is a ton more to the left. and see that weird upside-down wood boat that they have for decoration i guess, there is a telephone wire that two days later is still down! [but dont worry, our phones work just fine].
this is in great grandma nana's yard. THREE trees fell in her yard and countless branches fell everywhere else. the power finally went out around 2pm and didnt come back on until midnight. so we hung out next door digging thru ryan's old toy closet! and oh boy did we find some treasures...[more on that to come!]
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