Tuesday, April 13, 2010

whats been going on: VACATION!

saturday [the third of april] we got up early, packed up the car, and headed to lincoln city! the loooong drive worried me but corbin did so good and slept most of the time! on our way down we stopped and had a fun visit with my step dad, aunt, and some close family friends, pam and todd! we were also going to stop at the outlet mall in woodburn, oregon but omg, there was a line to just get into the coach outlet and the whole place was soooo busy so we decided to just keep it movin!
okay, so we actually stayed in newport the first night and when we finally arrived [seven hours later!] we unloaded our stuff and ate dinner at abby's pizza! have you ever been? oh, how i wish there was one closer than wenatchee! its sooooo delish! here's corbin and dad playing around! i think we were the only ones there!
then we headed back to the hotel for some rest!
the next morning we headed to our hotel in lincoln city, the inn at spanish head. it has to be the most amazing hotel on the entire oregon coast! ryan's family has been spending their spring breaks there together for almost twenty years and with ryan grown and his other cousin just graduating high school this year i was so excited to know that the tradition will continue now that corbin is around!

our hotel was AMAZING! more than AMAZING! ryan and i have stayed there in the past but never in a suite! the ocean was so close and it looked like our room hung right over the water!

{ and did i mention the WALL OF WINDOWS! }

{ dont mind me, im just bouncin here by the ocean}

since that day was easter we dyed easter eggs and corbin got some new toys, a card, and some more money that fit nicely in his piggy bank!

{opening an easter card from great grandma nana}
{playing with an easter egg before it was dyed}

{easter bunny pj's!}

{a gorgeous easter sunset}

the next few days were full of eating,

{apples in a mesh bag!}

shopping the outlets and cute stores downtown,

crocheting, more eating, {omg! this place made me throw my one corndog a year [at the fair] rule out the window!}
{lincoln city/newport is home to two of our favorite places to eat! izzys pizza and pig in a pancake! mmmmm...corbin can have pizza and pancakes next year!}

{the view from izzys}

puzzle put-togethering,

and playing by ocean! {lets go see the waves}


{tammy and spencer writing corbin's name in the sand}

we had such a fun time and cant wait to go back next year!

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  1. I found you through D-Listed blogs =) My 8 month old daughter was on my lap while I was reading and she just smiled and giggled at the pictures of your son!


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