Sunday, April 11, 2010

what's been goin on: easter!

corbin spent his first easter on vacation in lincoln city! [more on that to come!] his easter basket bucket is from this etsy shop and is personalized with his name on it! since he's picked up the nickname, "monkey" it fits him perfectly! i love that it will look cute in his room afterwards filled with toys too! his bucket was filled with easter eggs, a fun green monkey and music rattle from pier one, a new vtech book, a yo gabba gabba plex keyboard, and a dancing brobee!

corbin absolutely LOVES yo gabba gabba and before you get all judgemental on me for letting an eight month old watch tv, just know that i live in reality and sometimes i HAVE to get ready to go somewhere and while my get-ready time has gone from two hours to thirty minutes since having a baby there are sometimes when corbin just wont have any thing to do with anything except me holding him and i NEED thirty minutes to get ready! have you ever tried putting on makeup or flat ironing your hair with a baby in your arms?!?! its nearly impossible, although sometimes i do try!
and more easter related pics:
corbin in our hotel playing with an egg before it was dyed! and mom and baby dying easter eggs before our vacation with my sister, demarcus, jaden, and grammy!

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  1. LOVE the bucket and his crab pjs! i want both! great pictures. hes adorable! and youre way cute!!!!


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