Thursday, April 22, 2010

i never thought i could hate a moose.

seriously. when jaden bought corbin moose pj's, or tonya's boyfriend brought corbin three moose books, or anytime i walk into an abercrombie store i love seeing those adorable little HUGE animals! so when it was time to head to the mariners game last sunday i was SO EXCITED to have corbins picture taken with the mariner moose! after making our way to our seats and getting thru a rough first inning [and by rough i mean corbin being a little freaked out by all the people and noise] we headed to the moose den for some pictures! after a family pic with the moose i asked him if he was able to hold corbin. the moose plopped down on his butt and reached his arms out for corbin. so i stood him up in front of the moose and walked back by the photographer to make silly faces so corbin would smile. after the photographer took the picture the moose just sort of let go of corbin. maybe he thought he could walk or maybe corbin slipped out of his furry paws but corbin went face first onto the cement floor. i was tramatized. and dont think ive ever moved faster in my entire life! corbin was screaming and i scooped him up as fast as i could with tears already falling down my cheeks. im so thankful that ryan stood up and asked to talk to someone in charge and to have a medic come look at corbin because my first impulse was to just take corbin and run as far away from that stadium as i possibly could. luckily the medic said corbin was reacting to him just fine and he even stopped crying after a few minutes. but a big red bump was quickly forming on corbins head. after ryan was done filling out the accident report and we talked to the person in charge we headed back to the car and called our doctor. she thought corbin would be okay and just told us what to look out for.

for as much as we love sunny days at the ball park its really too bad our first encounter had to be so tramatic. i try to remember that he's okay but its really hard to forget what happened. a good note is that the vice president of the mariners called us and is going to "take care of us" and give us tickets to any other game we want to go to. this will be a good lesson for me to be able to face a fear and get back on my horse because the thought of going back there makes me want to throw up! but i will...and we will have fun!

and now for some pictures BEFORE the game went downhill...

{corbin's very own jersey!}

{the goose egg!}


  1. Wow I can't believe that moose let go! Thankfully he was ok (and good of that vp to comp you guys). I'm visiting from the D-List. Your family is adorable!

  2. Go Mariners! I miss those games...Safeco Field is so much fun and we always eat the garlic fries until our stomachs burn!


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