Friday, April 23, 2010

enjoying earth day!

with a trip to our newly cleared path to the river in our back yard [thanks to corbin's hard-working dad and grandpa!]
and a fun time at the park on a swing!

i wish so badly i could have gotten a garden going this year. there is a perfect spot for it in our back yard but i'll just have to wait for next year when corbin can run around and play in the yard while i get my garden on! i am, however very interested in starting a compost! and how easy it will be with something like this to help me out! i'd like to think we do our part around here to help mother earth out. turning off our cfl lights when we're not in the room. unplugging small applicances when we're not using them. recycling. and reusing. only running loads of laundry or dishes when they are full. buying local, organic food. [i cant wait for the farmers markets to open!!! and there is a guy who sells fresh eggs like five houses away!] reusable grocery bags. its so easy!


  1. How cool is that, you can walk to the river from your house! LOVE IT!

    Howdy from fellow Seattle Mommy Blogger!

    --Jen (

  2. what great pics of your little man! : )
    i'm very much looking forward to getting mine in a big swing, too...

  3. We found you on the D-listed, your little guy is such a cutie! We became followers, will check in often!

  4. hes so cute! great pictures too!

  5. Oh my goodness Corbin is too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to means so much to me! It's funny that you would find mine because just yesterday I read through sooooo much of yours!

    Our whole family lives in WA, with most of my dad's side being in Auburn and Enumclaw. Small world!

  6. allie, that is nuts! we live right in auburn! and the picture with corbin in the swing is in enumclaw! i bet some of my family/friends would know someone in your family!


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