Friday, April 02, 2010

easter bunny

i've had some mixed emotions on taking corbin to see the easter bunny. i mean, he is creepy to the max! those big eyes, floppy ears, furry paws! agh! but then i remembered how much i love the one picture i have of me with the easter bunny when i was a little girl [i wish i could have found it to show you all!] so i decided we should just go ahead. plus, i think he's still at the stage where he's not freaked out by a weird human dressed up as an enormous rabbit so it was a go!
corbin smiled at the bunny from the second he saw him! the bunny came over and played with corbin while we figured out what package we were buying and when it came time to sit corbin on his lap and have mom walk away, corbin did fine! smiling while ryan, jaden, my sister, and i all waved our hands in the air and shouted silly things that made us all look ridiculous im sure.
here are the results:

if we would have just left right after all of this i would have felt just fine about the whole experience. but we had to wait for the pictures to print and that's when things turned a little weird. with no more kids to pose with, the bunny gets up and decided he wants to start wandering around the mall. the workers started acting all panick-y like someone get that bunny back in its cage! and started running after him and saying things like, "get back here bunny!" and "you need to stay over here" like this bunny was a toddler or something. all the while, the only male working in the adorable little picket fenced bunny cage caught up to him, grabbed his arm, and lead him back to his home. who the heck was in that bunny costume? was he drunk? and why are you trying to continue to play with my kid as you stumble back?

anyway, after all that we headed around the mall to pick up some pants from the baby gap and to give corbin his first ride on a carousel! before we got on, i dug thru my black hole purse to find my camera battery was dead! so we turned to ryan's iphone which, right on time, died! so this is a picture from my lousy camera phone of us enjoying the ride! everytime we came around to dad corbin cracked up laughing and squeed with delight the rest of the time around! he even held onto the pole! it was way too cute!

{whizzing by!}

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