Thursday, April 29, 2010

this week...

we walked on the beach with grammy searching for the sand dollar beds!
it was just a little bit cold and windy.
corbin got some new toys! a walker and...
a new telephone!
we practiced walking {im barely holding on!}
corbin finally had a reason to wear his dolce and gabbana sweater at jaden's award ceremony where she was honored by the school board of directors! we celebrated aunt tammy's birthday at red robin!
and we had a teeny-tiny bit of teething fussiness!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

eight months old.

getting these pictures is getting harder and harder.

corbin would much rather play with eat my signs than sit still like he used to!

last sunday corbin turned eight months old. [yikes, im super late at posting this!] we celebrated the day at the mariners game . oy!
corbin has been up to so much this past month! and my most favorite new thing he's started is saying, "mamamamamama" when he whines! sometimes i just let him whine a few seconds longer than i normally would just so i can hear it!

he can get up on all fours, but then has no idea what to do after that.and because our house is so small i've only ever seen him roll once or twice but when he is in a more open area [like the huge mat at baby gym or mimi's living room floor!] he will roll and roll and roll and roll...and even if he's not rolling, he's moving all over the place by scooting around. see highly detailed photo below:corbin would MUCH rather be walking anywhere he goes. i could seriously walk him around the house the whole day and he would be happy. and the past few days we've been letting go [with our hands RIGHT THERE just in case] to see how far he'll go on his own. or when he's standing holding something we just let him hold it rather than hold on to him and he does pretty good!
he has his top four teeth coming in. the middle two are thru and the other two are on their way out! he's not at all fussy about it either which i love. but there is no way he'll let me in that mouth of his to take a picture of it. he'll take both his hands and shove whatever it is [washcloth, pacifier, camera, etc.] right out of the way!

he's been eating lots of new foods since last month and has been doing great with finger foods. i think he actually prefers feeding himself so he doesnt have to wait for me because WATCH OUT when i take too long to shovel food in his mouth! he gets super tense and grunts like FEED ME NOW LADY! he eats peas and chopped up carrots by himself. and puffs, oh how he loves his puffs! and his pincher grasp is getting really good. the first few days he would just put his entire hand in his mouth [and sometimes he still does!] but now he mostly uses his little finger to scoop them up. he also says, "mmmmm" most of the time while he eats. its too cute! since last month he's eaten and liked peaches, applesauce, papaya, blueberries, zucchini, yo baby yogurt, broccoli, potatoes, and chicken. which all make for some pretty gag-worthy diaper changes! corbin is most ticklish on his feet and when i blow on the very front of his neck. he loves to be rubbed on the back of his neck, his back and belly, and his chubby knees the most. he hates cold washcloths on his face [but who doesnt]. his favorite toys are shoes, cell phones, magazines, and tv remotes. but close behind [and ones he actually gets to play with] are his stacking rings, haba ball track, cardboard books, the laundry basket [that he can pull himself up to standing in...among a few other places], a trader joes reusable shopping bag, and a plastic cup filled with lids and plastic easter eggs! he is super wiggly when i change his diaper or clothes. he splashes and tries to eat the bubbles in the bathtub. he usually takes three hour long naps a day. and he loves looking out the window and being outside!corbin is my most favorite little guy ever. i love his smile and his laugh. they way he looks when he wakes up in the morning. the total excitement when his dad comes home from work every day. the way he plays with his toys and explores everything. or reaches for me when someone else holds him and he wants his mommy back. i love after nap cuddles. and how he tucks his lower lip in when he's investigating something or is in a new place. and how sweet and goofy and absolutely adorable corbin is! im so so so proud to be his mommy and so so so happy he's all mine ours. [i guess i'll share!]

Friday, April 23, 2010

enjoying earth day!

with a trip to our newly cleared path to the river in our back yard [thanks to corbin's hard-working dad and grandpa!]
and a fun time at the park on a swing!

i wish so badly i could have gotten a garden going this year. there is a perfect spot for it in our back yard but i'll just have to wait for next year when corbin can run around and play in the yard while i get my garden on! i am, however very interested in starting a compost! and how easy it will be with something like this to help me out! i'd like to think we do our part around here to help mother earth out. turning off our cfl lights when we're not in the room. unplugging small applicances when we're not using them. recycling. and reusing. only running loads of laundry or dishes when they are full. buying local, organic food. [i cant wait for the farmers markets to open!!! and there is a guy who sells fresh eggs like five houses away!] reusable grocery bags. its so easy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i never thought i could hate a moose.

seriously. when jaden bought corbin moose pj's, or tonya's boyfriend brought corbin three moose books, or anytime i walk into an abercrombie store i love seeing those adorable little HUGE animals! so when it was time to head to the mariners game last sunday i was SO EXCITED to have corbins picture taken with the mariner moose! after making our way to our seats and getting thru a rough first inning [and by rough i mean corbin being a little freaked out by all the people and noise] we headed to the moose den for some pictures! after a family pic with the moose i asked him if he was able to hold corbin. the moose plopped down on his butt and reached his arms out for corbin. so i stood him up in front of the moose and walked back by the photographer to make silly faces so corbin would smile. after the photographer took the picture the moose just sort of let go of corbin. maybe he thought he could walk or maybe corbin slipped out of his furry paws but corbin went face first onto the cement floor. i was tramatized. and dont think ive ever moved faster in my entire life! corbin was screaming and i scooped him up as fast as i could with tears already falling down my cheeks. im so thankful that ryan stood up and asked to talk to someone in charge and to have a medic come look at corbin because my first impulse was to just take corbin and run as far away from that stadium as i possibly could. luckily the medic said corbin was reacting to him just fine and he even stopped crying after a few minutes. but a big red bump was quickly forming on corbins head. after ryan was done filling out the accident report and we talked to the person in charge we headed back to the car and called our doctor. she thought corbin would be okay and just told us what to look out for.

for as much as we love sunny days at the ball park its really too bad our first encounter had to be so tramatic. i try to remember that he's okay but its really hard to forget what happened. a good note is that the vice president of the mariners called us and is going to "take care of us" and give us tickets to any other game we want to go to. this will be a good lesson for me to be able to face a fear and get back on my horse because the thought of going back there makes me want to throw up! but i will...and we will have fun!

and now for some pictures BEFORE the game went downhill...

{corbin's very own jersey!}

{the goose egg!}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

whats been going on: cupcake camp!

three hours of free cupcakes! im there!

{he wanted to eat this sooo bad!}

see more cupcake camp fun here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

whats been going on: VACATION!

saturday [the third of april] we got up early, packed up the car, and headed to lincoln city! the loooong drive worried me but corbin did so good and slept most of the time! on our way down we stopped and had a fun visit with my step dad, aunt, and some close family friends, pam and todd! we were also going to stop at the outlet mall in woodburn, oregon but omg, there was a line to just get into the coach outlet and the whole place was soooo busy so we decided to just keep it movin!
okay, so we actually stayed in newport the first night and when we finally arrived [seven hours later!] we unloaded our stuff and ate dinner at abby's pizza! have you ever been? oh, how i wish there was one closer than wenatchee! its sooooo delish! here's corbin and dad playing around! i think we were the only ones there!
then we headed back to the hotel for some rest!
the next morning we headed to our hotel in lincoln city, the inn at spanish head. it has to be the most amazing hotel on the entire oregon coast! ryan's family has been spending their spring breaks there together for almost twenty years and with ryan grown and his other cousin just graduating high school this year i was so excited to know that the tradition will continue now that corbin is around!

our hotel was AMAZING! more than AMAZING! ryan and i have stayed there in the past but never in a suite! the ocean was so close and it looked like our room hung right over the water!

{ and did i mention the WALL OF WINDOWS! }

{ dont mind me, im just bouncin here by the ocean}

since that day was easter we dyed easter eggs and corbin got some new toys, a card, and some more money that fit nicely in his piggy bank!

{opening an easter card from great grandma nana}
{playing with an easter egg before it was dyed}

{easter bunny pj's!}

{a gorgeous easter sunset}

the next few days were full of eating,

{apples in a mesh bag!}

shopping the outlets and cute stores downtown,

crocheting, more eating, {omg! this place made me throw my one corndog a year [at the fair] rule out the window!}
{lincoln city/newport is home to two of our favorite places to eat! izzys pizza and pig in a pancake! mmmmm...corbin can have pizza and pancakes next year!}

{the view from izzys}

puzzle put-togethering,

and playing by ocean! {lets go see the waves}


{tammy and spencer writing corbin's name in the sand}

we had such a fun time and cant wait to go back next year!
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