Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we won! we won!

a big thanks to klodjana and her adorable [and extremely advanced-seriously he's a few days older than corbin and can already crawl, pull himself up, and is on his way to walking!] little boy, roberto over at rjs, the blog for hosting a great giveaway a few weeks ago! four lucky readers won an super cute beanie from hats by heidi and our name was drawn! i'd been trying for a few days to get a cute pic of corbin in his new little hat but i always picked the wrong time [right before a nap, when it was time to eat, etc.] so i ended up with pictures like this:
{really mom? pictures? now? ITS NAP TIME!!!}
but this morning i finally got a happy one!
thanks again! we LOVE the hat!!!


  1. the hat is TOTAL cuteness! and YES do the naked pic and do it NOW. they grow up WAY too fast!

    love your blog by the way!

  2. love his expression in that first one! and those blue eyes. :)


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