Saturday, March 20, 2010

sun-shiny day at the park!

today was the first day of spring so i busted out the flip flops and we took corbin for a stroll around a local park in the 68 degree weather! [tomorrow its supposed to rain btw! thats seattle weather for ya!] because we all got going a little later than planned, a trip to seattle to walk alki or go to the zoo had to be postponed for another sunny weekend. the huskies were playing at three and there was NO WAY dad was going to miss it! corbin really enjoys being outside and looking around at everything and everyone! the park was packed! there were kids playing lacrosse and soccer and bbq's and birthday parties and kids on the playground! i even took corbin for a ride down the slide!
{what the heck just happened?!?!}
im so excited for more outdoor fun to come as the weather keeps getting nicer and nicer!

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