Saturday, March 20, 2010

seven months old!

im having to write ANOTHER one of these posts already!?! i'll try not to be all like, "where has the time gone? how the heck did this happen? bring back my newborn baby right this second!" and just tell you all about the fun things corbin is up to these days!

first, he is sitting up really well when he doesnt fling himself backwards or demands to stand up that is. and because of those reasons i still cant really get too far away while he's sitting. and because he can sit up we've been able to put him in the shopping cart when we go shopping and high chairs when we're out to eat!
he's also moving all over the place and when you lay him down he either rolls around or just stays on his back and pushes himself around with his legs. so he ends up in situations like this alot:
we've also added an insanely large and bright baby toy that fits right in with our living room decor! after trying out the dumbest toy on the planet that is a johnny jump up [where if you werent sitting right there corbin would continuously smack his head on the sides of the doorway] we decided to get a baby einstein free standing jumper since every time you stood corbin up he would want to be bouncing. here's about as much fun as we had with the johnny jump up:
{bouncey, bouncey, bouncey}

we've also been doing a lot of eating! corbin has tried and liked peas, squash, carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, banana, and pears. the only thing he hasn't liked so far is green beans! and making all his food is really saving us money and i love doing it! we tried the whole baby led weaning approach but corbin would rather just be fed. he likes the food too much to waste time trying to figure out how to eat it on his own. and while we get a lot of faces like this: and this
i promise he really does like the food
and cant wait for the next bite!
we also started going to baby gym at the beginning of the month so its fun to look forward to going every week! corbin does really well there and since none of my friends have children im glad he can be around other babies!
other than that, corbin is the same happy little guy he's always been. he laughs on the daily [and almost always at his dad!] and is always full of smiles. he wears mostly six-nine month clothes and size three diapers. he seems to really like being outside and as long as he's fed and well rested he barely even whines. some days he doesnt cry all day! and while i miss his little newborn-ness, im also really liking that he is getting bigger and more playful!

update: i've figured out if i warm corbin's food, he'll eat ANYTHING. green beans included!


  1. Ryder has a jumparoo too and loves it! So, do you make the food for him? Like mash up peas, green beans, etc? I'm curious because I saw that you save money, so I'm assuming that's what you do instead of buying baby food.

  2. yup, i make his food! my grandparents own a organic health food store so i just buy produce there and steam the veggies and puree them! plus we stay away from all the preservatives and everything else thats in jarred baby food. have you ever seen the ingredients in a jar of gerber baby food?!?! its crazy!


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