Sunday, March 28, 2010


friday morning ryan surprised me by having the day off work so he could go to baby gym and hang out with corbin and i for the day! corbin loved having his dad there to play with and ryan got to see where all his hard earned money was going! i liked having a photographer there but was once again too chicken to bring the nice camera along.

{leg stretches}

then we decided to go to red robin for lunch! corbin did great sitting in his high chair and barely even tried to eat the menu! afterwards we took a trip to target where corbin made a new friend!
this little dog is the cutest! it says corbins name and sings songs about him and knows his favorite color, food, and animal!
and then we were off to the dmv to transfer the title for my car-because did i mention my little nephew, who just yesterday i swear was the size of corbin, bought my old honda with his very own money, has his drivers license, and is cruising all over town! see!

this is the best shot i could get of him and his buddy driving away in the car a few nights ago. i used the "night mode" on my camera but i honestly have no idea how to use it so im not surprised it turned out all weird! i have no idea what that finger in the air means either but im sure its something cool. and at nearly six foot something, im shocked he even fits in there really!

so thanks to the hubs for a super fun day and drive safe demarcus!

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