Sunday, March 28, 2010

saturday at the squak valley park.

we were hoping to see some paragliders because it was such a beautiful day but there must not have been the appropriate wind or something because we only saw one the whole time we were there. next time! {weeeeeee!}
{first time in a swing!}
{watching the big kids}
{this is going to be SO MUCH fun when i figure out how to crawl! until then, i'll just lay here.}
{sliding with dad!}


friday morning ryan surprised me by having the day off work so he could go to baby gym and hang out with corbin and i for the day! corbin loved having his dad there to play with and ryan got to see where all his hard earned money was going! i liked having a photographer there but was once again too chicken to bring the nice camera along.

{leg stretches}

then we decided to go to red robin for lunch! corbin did great sitting in his high chair and barely even tried to eat the menu! afterwards we took a trip to target where corbin made a new friend!
this little dog is the cutest! it says corbins name and sings songs about him and knows his favorite color, food, and animal!
and then we were off to the dmv to transfer the title for my car-because did i mention my little nephew, who just yesterday i swear was the size of corbin, bought my old honda with his very own money, has his drivers license, and is cruising all over town! see!

this is the best shot i could get of him and his buddy driving away in the car a few nights ago. i used the "night mode" on my camera but i honestly have no idea how to use it so im not surprised it turned out all weird! i have no idea what that finger in the air means either but im sure its something cool. and at nearly six foot something, im shocked he even fits in there really!

so thanks to the hubs for a super fun day and drive safe demarcus!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we won! we won!

a big thanks to klodjana and her adorable [and extremely advanced-seriously he's a few days older than corbin and can already crawl, pull himself up, and is on his way to walking!] little boy, roberto over at rjs, the blog for hosting a great giveaway a few weeks ago! four lucky readers won an super cute beanie from hats by heidi and our name was drawn! i'd been trying for a few days to get a cute pic of corbin in his new little hat but i always picked the wrong time [right before a nap, when it was time to eat, etc.] so i ended up with pictures like this:
{really mom? pictures? now? ITS NAP TIME!!!}
but this morning i finally got a happy one!
thanks again! we LOVE the hat!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

seven months old!

im having to write ANOTHER one of these posts already!?! i'll try not to be all like, "where has the time gone? how the heck did this happen? bring back my newborn baby right this second!" and just tell you all about the fun things corbin is up to these days!

first, he is sitting up really well when he doesnt fling himself backwards or demands to stand up that is. and because of those reasons i still cant really get too far away while he's sitting. and because he can sit up we've been able to put him in the shopping cart when we go shopping and high chairs when we're out to eat!
he's also moving all over the place and when you lay him down he either rolls around or just stays on his back and pushes himself around with his legs. so he ends up in situations like this alot:
we've also added an insanely large and bright baby toy that fits right in with our living room decor! after trying out the dumbest toy on the planet that is a johnny jump up [where if you werent sitting right there corbin would continuously smack his head on the sides of the doorway] we decided to get a baby einstein free standing jumper since every time you stood corbin up he would want to be bouncing. here's about as much fun as we had with the johnny jump up:
{bouncey, bouncey, bouncey}

we've also been doing a lot of eating! corbin has tried and liked peas, squash, carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, banana, and pears. the only thing he hasn't liked so far is green beans! and making all his food is really saving us money and i love doing it! we tried the whole baby led weaning approach but corbin would rather just be fed. he likes the food too much to waste time trying to figure out how to eat it on his own. and while we get a lot of faces like this: and this
i promise he really does like the food
and cant wait for the next bite!
we also started going to baby gym at the beginning of the month so its fun to look forward to going every week! corbin does really well there and since none of my friends have children im glad he can be around other babies!
other than that, corbin is the same happy little guy he's always been. he laughs on the daily [and almost always at his dad!] and is always full of smiles. he wears mostly six-nine month clothes and size three diapers. he seems to really like being outside and as long as he's fed and well rested he barely even whines. some days he doesnt cry all day! and while i miss his little newborn-ness, im also really liking that he is getting bigger and more playful!

update: i've figured out if i warm corbin's food, he'll eat ANYTHING. green beans included!

sun-shiny day at the park!

today was the first day of spring so i busted out the flip flops and we took corbin for a stroll around a local park in the 68 degree weather! [tomorrow its supposed to rain btw! thats seattle weather for ya!] because we all got going a little later than planned, a trip to seattle to walk alki or go to the zoo had to be postponed for another sunny weekend. the huskies were playing at three and there was NO WAY dad was going to miss it! corbin really enjoys being outside and looking around at everything and everyone! the park was packed! there were kids playing lacrosse and soccer and bbq's and birthday parties and kids on the playground! i even took corbin for a ride down the slide!
{what the heck just happened?!?!}
im so excited for more outdoor fun to come as the weather keeps getting nicer and nicer!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

moments i treasure.

when i have to clear out a space in our cupboards for all corbins dishes. or when i see his little spoons and bowls in our dishwasher.

or how i used to go to or and fill my online shopping cart with hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and wish i had the money to actually buy them all. and now i find myself doing the same thing but instead its toys at or clothes from the baby gap for my little guy!

Monday, March 08, 2010

happy birthday jaden!

yesterday was my niece jadens fourteenth birthday and boy, does she know how to celebrate! friday my mom and i decorated the house for her sleepover with nine of her best friends while her mom took her brother and her out to eat.
{i totally made that banner!}
and she opened presents from her family!
then saturday morning [and some of the girls hadn't even gone to bed yet. aaaangela!] they had a limo drive them all over seattle making stops at trophy cupcake,
 and the yellow leaf cupcake co!
so fun!
after that the party kept going and jaden and three of her friends headed to the great wolf lodge for the night!
sunday was jaden's actual birthday so the whole fam got together and went out to eat! corbin even got to eat his sweet potatoes at the table with everyone too!
i cant believe you are fourteen years old jadie! you're growing into such a beautiful, smart, amazing, loving, talented, honest, special, young lady and you have accomplished so much in the little time you've been alive! im very proud to be your auntie! xoxo

Friday, March 05, 2010

green bean: FAIL sweet potato: WIN

see proof below: after gagging twice we decided we should just try again in a few weeks. and i was wishing i didnt puree them all so i could have ate the rest!

and then we tried sweet potatoes last night and they were a hit! he couldnt get enough and was not too happy when they were gone.


moments i treasure.

when i catch ryan pulling into the road thru the trees outside and corbin isn’t asleep or eating so i put him in the front window for ryan to see when he pulls in our driveway. the look on corbins face when he sees his daddy is absolutely priceless. but so is the look ryan gets seeing corbin waiting for him to get home.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

i cant get enough of these!

corbins little personality shines thru a little more every day. and every day he gets funnier and funnier.
{last night eating avocado and bananas}
{playing. plumber style}
{CRACKING UP at dad}
{what a goof ball!}
oh, and tonight we start green beans. i cant wait to see the faces that brings!
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