Tuesday, February 09, 2010

valentine's day photo shoot.

so i know this girl. who knows this girl. who knows this other girl. who once, back in october, had an adorable family photo shoot at the pumpkin patch. using this photographer. whose work i fell in love with. so thank you to all involved for leading me to stacey and her amazing work.
alas, here's my little guys love-day photos!


  1. holy. toledo. corbin is HUGE! these are great shots! i seriously need to save up and do a session with staci. i've still never had any professional shots taken of poppy (bad mommy!)

    c is hust too cute. that kid is NOM-worthy in the best way. love him!

  2. oh, and i LOVE your new banner! cute!


  3. emily! her mini sessions are the BEST! thirty five bucks gets you three shots of your very own and like fifteen minutes of shooting! its the only way we can afford professional shots right now. well besides those random sheets hanging up with a blanket sprawled over a boppy at sears! haha

  4. wow, i love the photos! too too fun!


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