Saturday, February 06, 2010

let them eat cake rice cereal!

i ALWAYS thought i would wait until corbin was at least six months old to give him his first taste of food. i'd read and heard how just because your baby can sit up and looks interested in the food your eating [he's seriously interested in anything we're doing!] isnt enough of a reason to start solids because their digestive systems aren't fully developed until between 5-6 months BUT at the beginning of last week i sat corbin in his exersaucer, went and made myself breakfast, and sat and ate it next to him on the floor. i was eating a banana and decided i would let him lick it. he liked it. so i scraped a little off and put it in his mouth. he really liked that. and by the third day of a little bite of banana he was on his tip-toes, leaning over the side of the exersaucer, whining for his bite of banana like this:

so, with his six month birthday less than two weeks away we really felt like he was ready and we decided to start rice cereal this morning. it was a hit! corbin loved every bite and would grab the spoon and feed himself!

[one time even choking himself a teeny-tiny bit!]

and when we wouldn't feed him fast enough, we got this:

he ate all of it and we didnt even get that messy! im sure cant wait til tomorrow for more!

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