Friday, February 26, 2010

first place!?!

wednesday corbin and i went and watched my niece, jaden in her first gymnastics meet of the year! he could have done without the whole audience saying the pledge of allegiance or the random bouts of cheering but he did pretty good otherwise and sat peacefully for a few hours while we waited for jaden's performance on the beam! [which, btw, i would never have the courage to flip around on that two-inch wide thing! or even stand up on it really!] but my jadie got up there and knocked the judges socks off and placed first! the funny part is that my sister and i had no idea she even got first place and afterwards all these parents came up and were congratulating my sister but we thought she got third because we heard the announcer say her name but not what place so then she came over and we were like, "congrats! we're so proud of you! you placed third!" and she was like, "uuhh i got first." i am so so proud of her and i always love watching her perform! she is so graceful and poised. unfortunately my camera died [and i am way too chicken to take my nice new camera anywhere beyond the living room of my house] so this is from my camera phone. and i promised i would take some wise advice i got recently and start taking my camera out with me because thats what they are for! so i'll have much better pictures next time!

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