Friday, February 26, 2010

avocado and sitting success.

the cough is gone and last night corbin tried avocado for the first time! i think he was so used to the plain taste of rice cereal that the texture and flavor of avocado sure brought out the funny faces. but he kept opening his mouth wide and was reaching for dad to shovel more in! i was a little disappointed in myself for not scouring the wholesome baby food website a little more before starting solids because i found that rice cereal isnt always the best first food for baby, especially when you start at six months! but whatever. the cough is gone and we're moving on. here are a few of my favorite pics from last night [and dont worry, i only took about forty of them!]:
{he got a little messy this time}
in other news, im declaring yesterday the first day corbin can officially sit up! he's been sitting for a long while now but i've always been right there to catch him when he fell over after a minute or two but now he can totally catch himself and balances really well and can sit on his own for a million minutes at a time!
{mimi and grandad brought this dancing, singing chihuahua home for corbin from their mexican cruise!}


  1. LOVE that website. I've been scouring it for months & am hoping to make Harrison's food when he's 6 months!

  2. good for looking BEFORE you start! geesh. what a dumb dumb i am! oh, and i love YOUR website! haha :)


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