Friday, February 12, 2010

and then he was allergic...

i must have jinxed myself. my whole desire to not start solids until after corbin was six months old and then starting them two weeks early instead really backfired because he's allergic to rice cereal we think. he eats just fine and gets all his food down. then the walrus cough starts and he sometimes even gasps for breath because he coughs so much! its freaked ryan and i out a couple times. so after calling the 24 hour nurse late in the evening and my pediatrician the next morning, i got nuthin! well except a, "go ahead and try another food." this cant be normal, right? but after mooshed bananas and breastmilk last night he seems to be doing much better. and there was no coughing. but allergies dont usually show up right away so we'll just have to wait and see. and now for some pictures...
i think he liked em.
open wide!
mmmm naners!

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