Friday, February 26, 2010

first place!?!

wednesday corbin and i went and watched my niece, jaden in her first gymnastics meet of the year! he could have done without the whole audience saying the pledge of allegiance or the random bouts of cheering but he did pretty good otherwise and sat peacefully for a few hours while we waited for jaden's performance on the beam! [which, btw, i would never have the courage to flip around on that two-inch wide thing! or even stand up on it really!] but my jadie got up there and knocked the judges socks off and placed first! the funny part is that my sister and i had no idea she even got first place and afterwards all these parents came up and were congratulating my sister but we thought she got third because we heard the announcer say her name but not what place so then she came over and we were like, "congrats! we're so proud of you! you placed third!" and she was like, "uuhh i got first." i am so so proud of her and i always love watching her perform! she is so graceful and poised. unfortunately my camera died [and i am way too chicken to take my nice new camera anywhere beyond the living room of my house] so this is from my camera phone. and i promised i would take some wise advice i got recently and start taking my camera out with me because thats what they are for! so i'll have much better pictures next time!

avocado and sitting success.

the cough is gone and last night corbin tried avocado for the first time! i think he was so used to the plain taste of rice cereal that the texture and flavor of avocado sure brought out the funny faces. but he kept opening his mouth wide and was reaching for dad to shovel more in! i was a little disappointed in myself for not scouring the wholesome baby food website a little more before starting solids because i found that rice cereal isnt always the best first food for baby, especially when you start at six months! but whatever. the cough is gone and we're moving on. here are a few of my favorite pics from last night [and dont worry, i only took about forty of them!]:
{he got a little messy this time}
in other news, im declaring yesterday the first day corbin can officially sit up! he's been sitting for a long while now but i've always been right there to catch him when he fell over after a minute or two but now he can totally catch himself and balances really well and can sit on his own for a million minutes at a time!
{mimi and grandad brought this dancing, singing chihuahua home for corbin from their mexican cruise!}

Sunday, February 21, 2010

its official: i live with two boys!

and im just going to have to deal with it! the other night i got out of the shower and came out into the living to see THIS!
my little guy, with his baseball cap on backwards, in his bumbo, ON TOP OF THE OTTOMAN, with his dad sitting back and pushing him with his foot! im sure its just a preview of all the crazy things they'll be up to together in the future. and i'm just going to sit back and let them be boys [with a box full of band-aids in my pocket of course!].

happy half birthday!!!

my little monkey turned six months old on thursday! this, like all my other monthly posts, is no different. i wonder once again where the time has gone. how six complete months could have passed by so quickly.
corbins sweet and silly personality shines thru more and more every day. as long as he's fed and well rested he's the happiest little guy!
to celebrate his very first half birthday we made cupcakes and sang, "happy half birthday to you!"
then we went for a stroll around the park! and it was corbin's first time in the stroller [well besides that one time his dad put him in and pushed him around the house!] and he LOVED it!
{photo courtesy of the picnic table}
then cousins jaden and demarcus came over to wish him a happy half birthday too!
now for the updates!
corbin has discovered his toes! i dont know why, but this is one milestone i've been excited for him to acheive and its so cute watching him grab his little piggies. it doesnt matter if he's sitting up or laying down, he's reaching for them!
corbin has also really been working on crawling. you can tell he wants to go so bad but just hasnt quite figured out how to do it. and i also wonder if his arms are strong enough to hold himself all the way up yet. he pushes up on his arms and scrunches his little knees up under his belly but never both at the same time.
[i dont really have a good picture of how he face plants into the ground, tucks his legs under his belly, and moves forward but he can move across a blanket with a quickness!]
he still babbles all the time and is most talkative in the morning. i love just laying in bed with him while he talks and talks and talks. and his facial expressions always make me smile! he's really started saying m's and b's a lot too. bring on the "mamma"! and now for some silly expressions...
[his hair is even hilarious!]
corbin has two teeth now [both on the bottom]! i never thought teeth could be so cute until i see them in his tiny mouth!
and he'll chew on anything he can get his chubby little hands on!
mostly i think he likes chewing on the dirty washcloth in the bath tub because i can never seem to keep it out of his mouth!
as far as sleeping goes. um, yeah. we're slowly but surely working on that. we co-sleep but slowly are trying to transition corbin into the bassinet next to our bed. he seems to have a tough time sleeping alone so we're taking baby steps. he's doing really well with just laying down and being rubbed on his back to fall asleep too. [which might be a bad thing for me since im fifteen pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight due to the fact that for the past six months corbin hasnt fallen asleep without being bounced!] and most nights he just wakes up to eat then falls right back to sleep so thats easy enough although i do sometimes dream of sleeping for more than five hours sprawled out all over my bed!
we also celebrated my twenty seventh birthday this past month! i think when you produce and take care of babies that your entire family goes gah-gah for, you tend to maybe get a little spoiled on your birthday. i cant believe the goodies i got this year! a flip camera! a new canon dslr! a new rocker and ottoman! and a kitchenaid mixer!
and one of the biggest milestones for corbin this month was starting solids. i'd wanted to wait until he was at least six months but for many reasons decided to start two weeks early. the first few days were great and he never had a problem gobbling down his food but about four days into it corbin developed this weird cough but no other flu like symptoms. for days after i kept a close eye on his temperature but he never acted sick. after two nights of coughing i called the 24 hour nurse hotline and our pediatrician and they suggested switching to another food. we picked bananas. but the cough didnt go away. so we made an appointment, talked it over with our pediatrician and have decided to put solids on hold until we can figure out what's going on. after amost an entire week with no food, his cough has gone away. but boy does he miss it! and he stares and grabs for our food whenever we eat!
corbin also LOVES touching ev.ery.thing. i can entertain him for a long time just taking him into our pantry and letting him feel canned food, chip bags, noodles, and anything else that has a fun texture to it. he also really loves books and i've been trying to buy a lot of them!
and this sunshine has sure had us outside a lot lately. i cant wait for even warmer weather so we can spend our days playing by the river!
everyone who meets corbin seems to fall instantly in love and ryan and i are no exception. everyday with him is so much fun and im so proud to be his mommy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day.

this is one of my most favorite holidays! who doesn't like celebrating LOVE!?! and the candy, dont even get me started.
after cards and candy were exchanged this morning, corbin went on a little lunch date with ryan and i to taco del mar because we are seriously so romantic-no but really we are obsessed with that place!
hope everyone is enjoying this day of love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

and then he was allergic...

i must have jinxed myself. my whole desire to not start solids until after corbin was six months old and then starting them two weeks early instead really backfired because he's allergic to rice cereal we think. he eats just fine and gets all his food down. then the walrus cough starts and he sometimes even gasps for breath because he coughs so much! its freaked ryan and i out a couple times. so after calling the 24 hour nurse late in the evening and my pediatrician the next morning, i got nuthin! well except a, "go ahead and try another food." this cant be normal, right? but after mooshed bananas and breastmilk last night he seems to be doing much better. and there was no coughing. but allergies dont usually show up right away so we'll just have to wait and see. and now for some pictures...
i think he liked em.
open wide!
mmmm naners!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

he really is my kid: dad version.

okay. i admit it. he looks a whole lot more like me than ryan but his personality couldnt be any more identical to his dads! they are both so handsome and silly and sweet and easy going and happy guys! corbin even laughs in his sleep just like his dad does. [my most favorite way to be woken up!] and they equally adore the heck out of eachother!

moments i treasure.

when im awoken by corbins babbling before the sun is even up. when I open my eyes I see his dark eyes staring right up at me. we lay there while i rub his head and he keeps babbling on. rarely taking his eyes off mine. or mine off his.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

valentine's day photo shoot.

so i know this girl. who knows this girl. who knows this other girl. who once, back in october, had an adorable family photo shoot at the pumpkin patch. using this photographer. whose work i fell in love with. so thank you to all involved for leading me to stacey and her amazing work.
alas, here's my little guys love-day photos!

Monday, February 08, 2010

happy birthday to me!

okay, so its not officialy my birthday until wednesday but take a looksie at my early birthday present! a canon eos rebel t1i! im in LOVE! and while i have absolutely no clue what in the heck im doing, the camera does a lot of the work on its own! [whew!] im going to make a HUGE effort to learn how to use this thing though and look forward to a lifetime of amazing pictures of my child(ren)!
here we are together.
and here are some of my first shots taken over the last two days!

it sure beats the eighty dollar-black friday-target special-mad dash for the electronics counter camera i'd been using!
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