Thursday, January 21, 2010

mom and corbin go for a walk.

there's no doubt that i love being a stay at home mom but some days i feel really trapped in this house. our vehicle is a gas guzzling suv that costs nearly twenty dollars to drive anywhere so i try not to use it more than i need to. plus the whole getting ready to go out in public with a five month old takes a minimum of three hours that i just dont feel like dealing with either! so, yesterday being as sun-shiny and warm as it was i decided to throw my hair in a pony tail, slip on a pair of jeans, and take corbin for a walk on our quiet and long gravel road and down by the river. there's something about fresh air that really revives my spirits. i took the camera along and caught some pretty cool shots. it made me wish i knew what i was doing...but oh well, here's the amateur version.


  1. Such pretty pictures and I LOVE his hat!

  2. Thank you. it was an etsy find i'd been wanting since before corbin was even uuhh conceived. haha and it was WAY too expensive. i need to get my crafty-self together and just make this stuff on my own!


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