Tuesday, January 19, 2010

five months old.

this isn't really happening is it? time just keeps going by. anyone know how to freeze time? im soaking up every single second of these past five months but its not enough. i've seriously been away from corbin for like three hours total in the past five months but i want more! every mother i know says it, but time really does go by way too fast.

so corbin turned five months old on monday. he's the cutest, happiest, funniest, sweetest, wiggliest, little guy ever! he's so vocal, especially in the morning when he tells me all about his dreams from the night before [a pirate looking for lost treasure, a brave hero saving the princess from a dragon, or all the creatures he sees in his submarine] and laughs at his dad all the time! i feel like he's grown a ton this past month too! he wears mostly 6 month clothes but can still squeeze his toosh in size 1-2 diapers! he's really trying to get his balance and sit up for longer periods of time but really prefers to just be standing up [assisted of course]. and the last few days he's been scrunching his legs up and spinning all around while doing tummy time like he wants to be on the move! he has two teeth [let the nipple biting begin!] and thinks they feel super weird in his mouth. he's always chomping on air and making funny faces like this...
[so glad i was able to capture it on camera!]

and here he is trying to get his crawl on.

he loves peeing in the tub bath time, playing in his exersaucer, being around tons of people [he's so good in public-whew!] and laughing at his dad! he watches wherever it is that his dad left when he leaves a room and wont stop looking there until he comes back! he started rubbing his eyes when he's tired and its the cutest thing! and also plays with your face when you rock him to sleep! he never sits still anymore and loves to wiggle his way off your lap or anywhere else he is! see proof below:

the "im about to pee in this nice, clean bath water" look.

oh woops! wrong picture!

yeah, thats better!

it's ridiculous how much he adores his dad...and vice versa!

im hoping we got thru month four with only a few days of the "four month wake period" and that typing this won't cause corbin to start being up all night now! there were just a couple nights he thought it would be fun to wake up and play at 3am for THREE HOURS! and another where he woke up every thirty-five seconds [that's not even a joke!].

this month we're just trying to get ready for him to start eating! i've been reading and reading about it and buying all the essentials [baby spoons, high chair , food storage containers, etc]. we're also really lucky to have our family own a natural health food store where i can buy all organic produce! i cant wait to give him his first bite! he's very interested in watching us eat.

an here are some of my favorites from this past month.
air guitar!

and if these pictures aren't enough, be sure to check out my "photo-a-day" flickr gallery!

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  1. I loved this blog. I sometimes wish we had that remote control from the movie CLICK. You just want to pause all these incredible moments and wrap them in your memory forever. They grow up way too quickly.


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