Monday, January 11, 2010

christmas part three...or is this four?!

with a new job (wtg mom!), two busy teenagers, out-of-town trips, and those darn colds my family finally spent last night celebrating christmas together at my sisters new lake-side house! she was nice enough to not take her tree down or any decorations so it would still feel like the christmas season! and we skipped out on the usual turkey and ham dinner and just ordered pizza because we're super traditional!

jaden made everyone a book of personalized poems that were a big hit! our book is called, "happy holidays honeysetts-a short book of poems dedicated to some of my favorite people in the world" and has eight poems inside. and with lines like, "having her in my life has been greater that a pleasure, the memories we share are the ones i'll always treasure" in a poem for me, OR "i could not have possibly asked for an uncle better than you. you make our jilly happy which makes us happy too" in ryans, OR "i feel attached to him like he's my best friend, i love him more than he can comprehend" in corbins the whole thing was a real tear-jerker! thank you jadie-bug! you are so creative and lovely. here's my mom and me and corbin reading ours out loud to everybody.

(notice demarcus in the background getting into a present BEFORE IT'S HIS TURN!)

corbin got some super cute new moose pj's and some new toys! he really loved them!

whether presents were exchanged or not, it is always so much fun getting together with them all and we all had a great evening!

now on to christmas numero four...or five with ryan's grandpa next weekend!


  1. Lots of xmas parties keep ya busy for sure!!

  2. thanks so much for popping by with your sweet words! you are just adorable and your little guy....too cute for words! I love the photo on your header!


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