Saturday, January 30, 2010

baby gym FAIL!

wednesday corbin and i drove to seattle for baby gym! i was so excited to meet some new moms [did i mention i have NO friends with babies!?] and for corbin to be around other babies. everytime we go to the store or anywhere he seems really intersted in other babies! so after a good meal and a long nap on the drive up we headed inside. corbin was fine while we navigated our way to class, fine while i layed out my yoga mat and blanket, fine while we started the class, then LOST IT when the baby next to us squealed with excitement! and it was all down hill from there. we spent most of the time in the other room attached to the bigger room everyone was in. i tried doing the games with him and singing the songs while holding him tight but every time i inched out the door to get a little closer to the group he would start crying! the teacher was nice enough to come over and tell me that "some babies are just sensitive and that there was a lot of energy in the room for him to handle." heck, i figured if he could last thru a dinner at red robin he could handle anything. he even met that big red bird and wasn't even phased! luckily, the hour went by really quick and before i knew it was over. i really enjoyed the class and the teacher and would like to get the chance to actually talk to some of those other moms! the classes are once a month so im thinking about trying again next month. we'll see. and because i have no cute pictures of us tumbling around or of me playing bicycle with corbins legs while singing, "the wheels on the bus go round and round..." and because no post is complete without a picture i'll leave you with this. corbin and his new monster onesie. its just an iron on but i really want to start getting back to my crafty ways! i used to write and illustrate childrens books! and draw and doodle on everything! i can crochet. heck, i even have a sewing machine and half way know how to use it and yet i sit. and do nothing creative! so my first baby step was an iron on transfer i bought at joanne's for four bucks! haha easy, but i hope its a start to things to come!

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