Saturday, January 30, 2010

baby gym FAIL!

wednesday corbin and i drove to seattle for baby gym! i was so excited to meet some new moms [did i mention i have NO friends with babies!?] and for corbin to be around other babies. everytime we go to the store or anywhere he seems really intersted in other babies! so after a good meal and a long nap on the drive up we headed inside. corbin was fine while we navigated our way to class, fine while i layed out my yoga mat and blanket, fine while we started the class, then LOST IT when the baby next to us squealed with excitement! and it was all down hill from there. we spent most of the time in the other room attached to the bigger room everyone was in. i tried doing the games with him and singing the songs while holding him tight but every time i inched out the door to get a little closer to the group he would start crying! the teacher was nice enough to come over and tell me that "some babies are just sensitive and that there was a lot of energy in the room for him to handle." heck, i figured if he could last thru a dinner at red robin he could handle anything. he even met that big red bird and wasn't even phased! luckily, the hour went by really quick and before i knew it was over. i really enjoyed the class and the teacher and would like to get the chance to actually talk to some of those other moms! the classes are once a month so im thinking about trying again next month. we'll see. and because i have no cute pictures of us tumbling around or of me playing bicycle with corbins legs while singing, "the wheels on the bus go round and round..." and because no post is complete without a picture i'll leave you with this. corbin and his new monster onesie. its just an iron on but i really want to start getting back to my crafty ways! i used to write and illustrate childrens books! and draw and doodle on everything! i can crochet. heck, i even have a sewing machine and half way know how to use it and yet i sit. and do nothing creative! so my first baby step was an iron on transfer i bought at joanne's for four bucks! haha easy, but i hope its a start to things to come!

corbins first trip to the cabin!

this is a little late, but last weekend we decided to pack up and head over to our cabin near cle elum so corbin could play in the snow! he did great on the drive over and back-sleeping most of the time. and it was so nice to not have to worry about laundry or phone calls or anything! we just played and relaxed and ate and had a great time!

corbin liked the snow but was ready to go back inside after about ten minutes! i dont think he could barely move he was so bundled up! he reminded me of little randy from a christmas story!

corbin also got to take his first real bath in a real bathtub!

and here's dad being silly and corbin cracking up! i love this picture!

and this picture has no relevance to our trip or the snow except that it happened while we were at the cabin but check out my kid's talent! thats a pretty long drool trail. now if we could just teach him to slurp it back up! haha i kid. i kid.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

mom and corbin go for a walk.

there's no doubt that i love being a stay at home mom but some days i feel really trapped in this house. our vehicle is a gas guzzling suv that costs nearly twenty dollars to drive anywhere so i try not to use it more than i need to. plus the whole getting ready to go out in public with a five month old takes a minimum of three hours that i just dont feel like dealing with either! so, yesterday being as sun-shiny and warm as it was i decided to throw my hair in a pony tail, slip on a pair of jeans, and take corbin for a walk on our quiet and long gravel road and down by the river. there's something about fresh air that really revives my spirits. i took the camera along and caught some pretty cool shots. it made me wish i knew what i was doing...but oh well, here's the amateur version.

this one's for you great grandma nana! [and anyone else who needs a seven minute corbin fix!]

more material to watch besides his laughing video that you have memorized by now! there's a little of everything [tummy time, rolling over (i finally caught it on camera!), babbling, bare baby belly, toes, drooling, bubbles-you know, the usual!] and its seven minutes long! yipee!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

five months old.

this isn't really happening is it? time just keeps going by. anyone know how to freeze time? im soaking up every single second of these past five months but its not enough. i've seriously been away from corbin for like three hours total in the past five months but i want more! every mother i know says it, but time really does go by way too fast.

so corbin turned five months old on monday. he's the cutest, happiest, funniest, sweetest, wiggliest, little guy ever! he's so vocal, especially in the morning when he tells me all about his dreams from the night before [a pirate looking for lost treasure, a brave hero saving the princess from a dragon, or all the creatures he sees in his submarine] and laughs at his dad all the time! i feel like he's grown a ton this past month too! he wears mostly 6 month clothes but can still squeeze his toosh in size 1-2 diapers! he's really trying to get his balance and sit up for longer periods of time but really prefers to just be standing up [assisted of course]. and the last few days he's been scrunching his legs up and spinning all around while doing tummy time like he wants to be on the move! he has two teeth [let the nipple biting begin!] and thinks they feel super weird in his mouth. he's always chomping on air and making funny faces like this...
[so glad i was able to capture it on camera!]

and here he is trying to get his crawl on.

he loves peeing in the tub bath time, playing in his exersaucer, being around tons of people [he's so good in public-whew!] and laughing at his dad! he watches wherever it is that his dad left when he leaves a room and wont stop looking there until he comes back! he started rubbing his eyes when he's tired and its the cutest thing! and also plays with your face when you rock him to sleep! he never sits still anymore and loves to wiggle his way off your lap or anywhere else he is! see proof below:

the "im about to pee in this nice, clean bath water" look.

oh woops! wrong picture!

yeah, thats better!

it's ridiculous how much he adores his dad...and vice versa!

im hoping we got thru month four with only a few days of the "four month wake period" and that typing this won't cause corbin to start being up all night now! there were just a couple nights he thought it would be fun to wake up and play at 3am for THREE HOURS! and another where he woke up every thirty-five seconds [that's not even a joke!].

this month we're just trying to get ready for him to start eating! i've been reading and reading about it and buying all the essentials [baby spoons, high chair , food storage containers, etc]. we're also really lucky to have our family own a natural health food store where i can buy all organic produce! i cant wait to give him his first bite! he's very interested in watching us eat.

an here are some of my favorites from this past month.
air guitar!

and if these pictures aren't enough, be sure to check out my "photo-a-day" flickr gallery!

Monday, January 11, 2010

christmas part three...or is this four?!

with a new job (wtg mom!), two busy teenagers, out-of-town trips, and those darn colds my family finally spent last night celebrating christmas together at my sisters new lake-side house! she was nice enough to not take her tree down or any decorations so it would still feel like the christmas season! and we skipped out on the usual turkey and ham dinner and just ordered pizza because we're super traditional!

jaden made everyone a book of personalized poems that were a big hit! our book is called, "happy holidays honeysetts-a short book of poems dedicated to some of my favorite people in the world" and has eight poems inside. and with lines like, "having her in my life has been greater that a pleasure, the memories we share are the ones i'll always treasure" in a poem for me, OR "i could not have possibly asked for an uncle better than you. you make our jilly happy which makes us happy too" in ryans, OR "i feel attached to him like he's my best friend, i love him more than he can comprehend" in corbins the whole thing was a real tear-jerker! thank you jadie-bug! you are so creative and lovely. here's my mom and me and corbin reading ours out loud to everybody.

(notice demarcus in the background getting into a present BEFORE IT'S HIS TURN!)

corbin got some super cute new moose pj's and some new toys! he really loved them!

whether presents were exchanged or not, it is always so much fun getting together with them all and we all had a great evening!

now on to christmas numero four...or five with ryan's grandpa next weekend!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

he really is my kid...

dad version is coming soon. i need to go raid his mom's photo albums!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

home is where the heart is, er, unless your heart is about to be foreclosed on.

as most of you have heard me do...over and over again...i like complaining about my current residence. well, i mean, i dont think it really has anything to do with where i actually live, its just where i moved from that makes me whiny.

four years ago, after renting our lovely apartment at on the green for a couple years, ryan and i decided it would be good to invest in a home for ourselves. we really liked the ne tacoma area but looked all over the place. our price range wasn't the best [he was a retail manager and i a miserable kinko's worker] and the places our agent found us were big piles of crap! until one day i decided i was done with house hunting. the stress of looking at one garbage hole after another day after day was wearing on me and i wanted a break. i was so confident about how i would tell ryan when i got home that night and rehearsed my speech over and over all throughout the day. and then my phone was ryan. he'd "found the house!" yeah sure whatever i thought. i was done and i told him! there's no way i was looking at that place. but he convinced me and promised it would be the last one for a while.

it WAS the one!

and i instantly fell in love with that little sea green house!

the realtor was a nice women [who is now our agent!] who, with her husband, remodeled THE ENTIRE HOUSE for their daughter, who then got a job way up north and decided she didnt want to live there! everything was brand new. the paint. the cabinets. the doors. the tile. the kitchen sink. the shrubs outside. the EVERYTHING! and we quickly made our offer. i must say we tried doing a lot of research. i didnt want to get taken advantage of. ryans family helped a lot because they all own real estate and i worked with a friend who used to be a loan processor that i asked way too many questions to. but in the end, we ended up with an ARM mortgage. they sold us by telling us, oh you can just refinance in three years. easy-peasy. everything will be okay.

enter: the financial crisis.

also enter: baby corbin, who i refuse to put into daycare no. matter. what. and was willing to have my credit go down the toilet bowl drain if it had to.

in the beginning we thought we could just modify our loan [because honestly thats what our government and the media really make it sound like its so easy to do and they are totally there to help people like us riiiiiiight? you know the type whose mortgage goes up over $100 every six months. us!] no. trying to modify our loan has been the longest process of my life! since july we've been trying and everytime its something new that we forgot to send or we're just flat out denied. and with the likelihood of them actually modifying our loan to something that we can afford being ohhh, i'd say SLIM TO NONE we decided to try and short sale our house in the meantime. and while i know a short sale sucks, it doesnt suck as much on our credit as a foreclosure and i feel like if we dont try everything i will look back and regret it. so the point to all of this is that this journey has made me shed a ton of tears. i was in love with our home and its sad to know that its just sitting there empty and cold with a big, ugly FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

see? that was a lot of complaning! but i also want to tell everyone about where i live now! on the beautiful green river! right next to a ton of ryan's family! and while the house needed a small army to get back in tip-top shape, this is now our home. the home we brought corbin home to. and where we sleep and laugh and make our memories.

this is a picture from our front yard. i open the curtains in the living room first thing every morning. blue jays and hummingbirds and eagles fly all over those trees.

and the green river is right in my back yard! and while i dont have this amazing view like his parents, hopefully this summer we'll bust the backhoe out and clean some brush so we can have a view like this! and then i will like doing dishes more because the river is right out the kitchen window! and while i can see a tiny bit of it now, its not enough to make me like doing dishes!

so that is it. im happy to be where i am. my mom mentioned to me how neat it is to actually see the seasons change by just driving out our road. and how the leaves change color and the crops at the farms grow and are harvested. and i cant even begin to tell you how excited i am for this spring/summer when i can go buy organic fruit and veggie goodness from all these local farming neighbors of mine! and while we wont live in this exact house forever, we will stay down here and i love knowing that corbin will grow up on the same road as his dad and go to the same schools. maybe even have some of the same teachers! he will be able to ride his bike up and down our long and quiet gravel road and spend his summers playing by the river. and whatever the outcome with our old house, i will find peace with it. that was one chapter of our life and we've moved onto an even better one while learning a whole lot of what not to do.

ps. our house IS for sale btw. just in case you're lookin to buy. its a super fantastic and amazing deal. click here to see the listing. [i love how the title of it is "so cute" and those ugly black appliances are just free ones we threw in there. cuz remember how i told you everything was brand new? well we let our appliances follow us to this house!]

he's got a tooth people!

i win the award for worst-picture-taking-of-a-freshly-grown-tooth-ever! but it's there! one adorable, little, white tooth. i know some people say teething is miserable [and to honest this must explain his random but short bouts of inconsolable crying this past couple weeks] but he seems pretty proud of himself!

im off to google how to take care of these things now...

Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year!

we rang in the new year with pizza ordered from papa johns (so good!) and watching movies next door with ryan's parents and grandma. i cant believe i even stayed up! at midnight we watched the fireworks at the space needle on tv, kissed our little corbin and whispered, "happy new year!" to him!

as part of my new year's resolution, i am starting a "photo-a-day" challenge. im sure they will mostly all be of corbin but at the end of the year i will put together a photobook of some sort of every day of his first full year of life! here's a link to my flickr page if you want to follow along!
[i promise one of these days i'll figure out how to just link it to my blog or create a tab with them all but that involves all these nonsense, headache creating, html codes and i dropped out of my webpage building class in college! ]
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