Thursday, December 30, 2010

two thousand ten.

its crazy to look back at these pictures and see how small corbin was. how he was still a little baby and how now he is a full blown toddler. he reminds me more of a little boy every day! its fun to think about how he ate his first real foods and took his first steps and celebrated his first birthday all this year among so many other things! and i am so excited to see what this new year brings us!
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i also wanted to let you all know i am starting a new photo a day blog. this year with the corbinator! i didnt really like using flickr this past year {yay! i made it all three hundred and sixty five days!} so i thought a new blog would just be easier!

aaaannnddd if you're interested in seeing what our mostly baby-less two thousand nine was like, click here!


flashback friday!

happy new year, baby!
i remember sitting on the couch snuggled right next to ryan holding this little chubkin last year while the space needle lit up with brightly colored fireworks and we both quietly counted down along with the tv. five, four, three, two, one..HAPPY NEW YEAR! and kissed his sleepy cheeks.

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black and white morning.

every time we head outside to get the mail corbin heads straight for his great grandma nana's house across the road. he's absolutely in love with going for rides with her on her tractor! and this morning was no exception. i usually call ahead if we are planning on asking for a ride but we just knocked on the door and nana is always more than willing to take corbin for a ride! today we even got to watch a HUGE eagle flying around in the trees!
its really so sweet to watch them together. this is their special thing and they are both equally head over heels for eachother! corbin is so content riding along listening to nana sing him songs and talk to him about the puddles they are crashing into and everything they see!

the final christmas celebration!

tonight we celebrated christmas with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew and we had the best time! i have never hosted AND made a meal for them so tonight was a pretty big deal! {for me anyways!} i had the yule log going on the tv, christmas tree lights on, gingerbread candle burning, and a bunch of yummy treats to snack on while the fajitas cooked (because who could really eat ANOTHER turkey dinner!?). and it all turned out perfectly! i wish we spent nights together like the one tonight every single week!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

police officer!

it was her taking the picture that made me wear these boots that terrify me!
arrest her noooooow!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas day!

christmas morning corbin woke up to a stocking full of presents from santa!

and then grammy came over for some christmas breakfast and brought corbin his very own train set!
we headed to great grammy's later that afternoon for some more celebrating!

{no big deal. just wearin' my dolce and gabbana sweater}
we all really had the best day! corbin totally got the hang of ripping open presents to see what was inside! he was totally spoiled! and he always loves hanging out with his family! i hope everyone had a very merry christmas!

'twas the night before christmas...

corbin drove us down the gravel road to mimi and grandads for christmas eve dinner!
one of corbin's cool new toys!
 family picture!
new yo gabba gabba sheets from dad!
taking a break from unwrapping presents for some snuggles with mom!
dad showing corbin what button to push to make the tractor go vrooooom! 
hhhmmmm....we'll work on these.
christmas pj's!
all ready for santa to come!

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