Saturday, December 26, 2009

we're pregnant!

one year ago today i went and did my usual day-after-christmas clearance shopping except that year i picked up a little something special. a pregnancy test. okay, four of them. being possibly pregnant is one of the most overwhelmingly amazing feelings ever. i remember it being ALL i thought about every single day and lucky for us it only took one month! when i got home that evening i didnt tell ryan i bought the tests. i instead drank four hundred and seventy six glasses of water and raced down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door behind me, and peed on that stick! TWO PINK LINES!!! WE'RE PREGNANT!!! maybe its just the drama of the movies but i dont remember having to wait long for the results. things went a little something like this: pee on stick. set stick on box on counter. see two pink lines. re-read instructions five times to be sure. yell back to ryan "im just fine in here! what do you mean i've been in here a long time?" read instructions again. shove evidence under the sink. run into the living room to find that cute red box to put this positive pregnancy test in. run into the computer room where ryan is. say (with every ounce of calmness in my body eventhough im shaking like crazy and want to scream and jump up and down!!!), "oh hunny. weird. i cant believe i forgot to give you this present yesterday." ryan opens the box. says, "what does this mean?" i say, "read it!" he says, "what does this mean?" WE'RE PREGNANT! hugs. kisses. tears. silence. smiles. high five. and here we are, exactly one year later. little corbin in my arms napping while i write this. if i thought this past year was the best of my life, there's no telling how much better this coming year is going to be! this picture was taken last christmas. we found out corbin was on his way the next day. and here's how we told our families. ryan had been keeping his family pretty informed in our trying-to-conceive plans but i had been keeping things a little more of a secret with my family. i wanted our announcement to be a huge surprise to them! ryan called his mom after we found out that night and asked her if she was ready to be a grandma! word spread quick and most of his whole family knew that night! they were all so excited and happy for us. we waited to tell my family because we were headed to cathlamet the next morning for our christmas celebration. that was the longest two-hour trip i've ever taken! knowing i was pregnant and not sharing it with the people i love most was so hard to do! my niece jaden loves to bake and for my birthday the year before she made me my very own apple pie. i fell in love! but she was quick to let me know she wouldnt bake me another one until i had a cousin growing in my belly for her! so before my sister and the kids picked us up that morning i went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to an apple pie, wrapped them all individually, and put them in a box! when christmas present opening was all done that evening i told jaden i had one more present for her. it was really for everyone! i discreetly placed the camera on my lap and here's what happened next...


  1. OH MY GOSH this is the BEST thing I have ever seen!!! I totally want to do something like this when we find out...I was thinking like cards for whatever holiday is around and just having my parents open them! I seriously watched this like 5 times in a row!!!

  2. SO adorable - what a fantastic idea! TOO cute!


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