Thursday, December 31, 2009

two thousand nine.

tons of birthdays this month! every week we're out to eat. (which for a newly pregnant lady is okay with me!) we're celebrating my sisters in this picture at the portage bay cafe!

i turned twenty six. and valentine's day is one of my most favorite holidays! here i am thirteen weeks pregnant.

happy 13th birthday to my jadie! we celebrated with a weekend at the great wolf lodge. i felt baby's first kick and we heart his heartbeat for the first time!

this moment was priceless. i never knew you could see SO MUCH on an ultrasound! but we didnt find out if we were having a boy or girl until he was born!

baseballin' and babymoonin' we had a great trip to california and went to A TON of baseball games!

getting ready to move from our home to a rental so i can stay home with our baby and be closer to ryan's family.

i love summer! and my nephew turned sixteen!!!

corbin is finally here after being induced and eighteen hours of drug-free labor! best day of my life! ryan and i also celebrated our third wedding anniversary and ryan's birthday this month!

i love love love being a mom.

corbins first halloween and trip to the pumpkin patch!

my two most favorite people.

corbin celebrated his first christmas!

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