Tuesday, December 08, 2009

some fun facts about my post partum self.

i now know what its like to not be able to sleep. before baby i could sleep standing up in the middle of a concert while the earth was shaking! now for some reason i find myself up at one in the morning planning my sons first birthday and thinking about what it will be like when he goes to college. and how are we going to pay for college. and how will we even pay for diapers. speaking of diapers, how much longer til we run out? so if he uses about ten diapers a day and we have forty left we should be good for another four days but what if one day he uses more than ten we would have to get them sooner...and if i did go to the store for diapers is there anything else i should get while im out? it just goes on and on.

i cant get lady gaga's "poker face" song out of my head for the last three weeks! but instead of "cant read my, cant read my poker face" i sing "you have, you have the stinkin cutest baby face"

as of two weeks ago when we were at the baby doc (and i made ryan hold the baby and diaper bag so i could get on the scale as we were leaving and weigh myself!) i'm down three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight! boo ya! but why do i still wear my stretchy maternity jeans?

im shocked i still have a strand of hair on my head the way im losing it! i drano the shower every week and clean my brush out once a day. its rediculous.

how do stay at home moms make money!? i need to come up with some new craze and make millions. any ideas? that twilight mom did it. and baby legs. and even harry potter was a stay at home mom with an idea. i need one of those!

i thought i hated dishes before. crap! i loathe them now. but thats supposed to be one of those stay-at-home mom things i do during the day. we're only two people. how do so many dishes accumulate so fast!? our house is so small i cant do them when corbin sleeps but when he's awake id much rather be playing itsy-bitsy spider than doing the dishes!

i have the most random dreams lately. with the most random people. like this one kid who was a friend of one of my mom's friends kids when i was seven. people like that.

and lastly, the gooshy part. i love being a mom. im thankful for it every day. i would live in a cardboard box to be able to stay with him every day and watch him learn and grow.

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