Saturday, December 05, 2009

rolly mcrollerson

i've been waiting for pictures or a video for evidence of this but like most other milestones, he does it once and that's it! well, i guess it has been twice but still! so, tuesday night (dec 1) ryan and i walked over to his parents house for dinner and afterwards terrie and i hung out in the living room while ryan and his dad ran up to his grandpas house. wellllll, terrie was on the phone and i was on the floor with corbin when i layed him down on his tummy and wah lah! HE ROLLED OVER! because terrie was on the phone i was waving my hands in the air and screaming whispering "he rolled over! he rolled over!" then when she got off the phone i yelled it and she said, "why didnt you say something?" haha! THEN the next morning i layed him on his tummy, ran three giant steps into his room to get the video camera and when i came back he was already on his back. so everyday since then my video camera has been filled with tummy time footage waiting for it to happen again! yay for milestones!

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