Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh christmas tree.

we were super prompt about putting our tree up this year-the day after thanksgiving! im just super late to blog about it. in fact, as i type this my tree is in the other room brown and dry its been un-earthed so long! or maybe its because we keep the house so warm?! usually we switch from colored lights to white ones every other year because im a fan of the colored ones but ryan likes them all white. but i actually think i got colored ones two years in a row this time!

i love the holiday season so much. its fun to dig all our decorations out of the shed and i am always surprised to see all the decorations i bought the year before on clearance that i forgot i even bought!

one of my favorite things about this season is putting all our ornaments on the tree. each one means something and has such a great memory. here are a few of my favorites...

this one ryan's nan brought over a few weeks ago. she had it made for his second christmas.
and this one is from our trip to disneyland a few years ago during thanskgiving when jaden went to nationals for being miss washington jr. preteen! it was SUCH a fun trip!

these little married piglets are from the year we were first married. little pigs are the cutest!

and here's another one from our first year as a married couple! my pal merissa drew the picture and told me to put a real one in there once we took one but i've always liked her version better! and yes that IS spider man hanging in the background.

and here's my little christmas baby hanging out by the tree.

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