Sunday, December 20, 2009

i have a four month old bay-bay!

wait, what!?! am i being punked? ashton? where's ashton? four months old! no way!

i dont know if its the holidays or my hormones but i've been in a total reminiscing mood lately. even busted out my ultrasound video and watched it with ryan the other night. and went thru my calendar re-living all the little "baby's first heartbeat" and the "our big ultrasound!!!" moments i have written down. today i even glued in all my pictures in my belly book and re-lived my whole pregnancy week by week. and anytime i see a baby around the same age as corbin i can't help but think how they are the generation he's growing up with.

corbin has grown SO MUCH this past month. both his personality and his size! i would guess he's about fifteen pounds already but we'll officially know on our appt next monday. all i know is my back hurts from carrying him everywhere!

corbin finally loves tummy time and has even rolled over a few times this past month! he grabs and can hold his toys, which then go directly in his mouth-which is where his hands are every other second! he loves sitting in his bumbo and playing with his toys in his playmat too! he's put himself to sleep a few times too and once even fell asleep sitting up! otherwise ryan or i rock him to sleep, which i do not mind! he's only this little once.

he loves loves loves bath time! always has. and even took a shower with dad for the first time. although i dont know how people actually wash their babies while taking a shower!?!

my favorite parts of this last month are how vocal corbin has been. he is always talking and his little voice absolutely melts my heart! his favorite is to make noise when he's inhaling! its so funny. AND he has been laughing a lot more too. that is by far the best sound i've ever heard! i bawl my brains out crack up everytime he does it! but he never laughs at the same thing twice. bummer!

corbin is sleeping really well at night (8-9 pm til about 4-5 am!) but my sleep patterns are a whole 'nother story. i used to be able to sleep standing up in the middle of a mosh pit while the earth is quaking! now, there are some nights no matter how hard i try i just can't sleep! but don't worry, once corbin wakes up in the morning, THEN i'm tired and would do anything for a nap!

it also snowed for the first time in his little life a couple weeks ago! it only dusted the ground and didn't last very long (whew!) but still! it was his first time in the snow!!!

i can't believe how fast this last four months has gone by! in two months he'll be half a year old!

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