Tuesday, December 29, 2009

four month check up.

yesterday we had another great visit with our pediatrician at corbin's four month check up. he was wearing a super cute new outfit and i think he knew he looked adorable because he was flirting it up with the nurses. and the lady who checked us out at the baby store earlier that day! [where corbin scored a brand new pair of robeez for eight bucks!]

dr rudnick was super impressed that corbin could sit up on his own too! but corbin wasnt in the mood to show off his skills and instead just threw himself backwards everytime i tried sitting him up! but here's proof from the other day...

here's his stats:
he weighs in at 14 lb 15 oz. (42% percentile)
his noggin is 41.5 cm (24% percentile)
and he is 2' 0.65" long (30% percentile)

we asked lots of questions about corbin's hair loss, eating and sleeping schedule, and his eczema (which is getting SO MUCH better!). i've been hearing a lot about pediatricians starting babies out on food at four months nowadays and was glad she agreed that breast milk was the best for baby until six months. also, i've been concerned about corbin not being able to sleep in his bassinet without waking up four hundred million times a night and think im going to start researching the no-cry sleep solution method since cry it out is not welcomed in this house! anyone have any luck with this?

and here's a pic dad snapped with his phone while we were waiting for the doctor all wrapped up in a towel because mom always forgets to bring his blanket in!

he was not this happy for long because we had to go downstairs and get two vaccines afterwards. but he was already sleepy and took a long snooze on the ride home.

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