Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas shin-digs!

i hope everyone's christmas was merry and bright. we sure had a great time!

christmas eve we headed over to ryan's parents house for pizza and game night. but this year instead of playing phase 10 or dominos everyone got hooked on the new wii mario game! corbin also got his exersaucer that night to play with too! and dad got to put it together!!! he LOVES it!

mimi started a tradition with corbin that every christmas eve she is going to buy him a pair of christmas pj's and a book to read that night. i had been trying to find cute christmas pj's everywhere for corbin but nowhere had his size. we were even grocery shopping at fred meyer recently and i held up a newborn pair and asked ryan if we could "just shove him in these ones! he HAS TO have christmas pj's!" so unwrapping that present made me so happy! and that night i read corduroy to corbin before bed.
grammy stopped by to visit and give corbin his present christmas morning. he really liked the shiny wrapping paper! i guarantee he wanted to eat it! AND all the new clothes, bibs, and socks too!

then we went to ryan's parents again for a delicious steak dinner (well chicken dinner for me!) and more presents! we were all so spoiled! corbin scored a new owl hat and rattle from etsy, among TONS of other stuff!

my favorite presents were my balboa ring sling (that i hauled corbin around in shopping and he LOVED!) and a gift certificate to my hair salon because one income+a new baby does not=being able to afford sixty dollar haircuts!

the last few days have been a little more fast paced then we're used to so it was nice to just relax and hang out at home for the rest of the weekend. (well after i went shopping saturday!)

im really looking forward to finally celebrating christmas with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew at the end of this week too. once they get back from yak! and then again with ryan's grandpa in the middle of january! the celebrating never ends...

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