Wednesday, December 16, 2009

because that's just what i do. celebrate unimportant holidays!

like very merry unbirthdays or the 26th of EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH because that's the day ryan and i went on our first date AND the day we got married. (and actually was even corbin's due date AND the day we found out i was pregnant!) so tuesday was national cupcake day and i picked up my cupcake lovin' niece and her best friend angela from school, hit up the grocery store for supplies, and headed to her house to make red velvet cupcakes (so festive!) with white chocolate peppermint frosting! they were to-die-for delicious! later on when my mom got off work, she came over to help out too!

and since we all love cupcakes so much, me hope to make this a yearly tradition! a new cupcake recipe each time!

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