Tuesday, November 03, 2009

two month check up.

so i know the corbinator is almost three months old but im just getting around to posting his two month appointment stats. geesh. i must first start off by telling you all how much i love love love our pediatrician. i've been looking for someone since before corbin was born and have never been satisfied. and after he was born we ended up at pediatrics northwest in federal way. we liked the doctor but the waiting room felt like the free clinic to me! lots of roudy or sick kids. people with masks on everywhere. we felt super uncomfortable there. never mind the fact that when they called your name you could tell we meant nothing to them. just the next baby in the long line of kids they would see that day. no one special. well since i am not working anymore we had to switch over to ryan's insurance and that meant finding a new pediatrician. (which we were looking for anyways!) so we ended up at the new group health building in bellevue with dr. rudnick. she's absolutely adorable and so so nice, has a four month old little boy of her own, and is okay with us putting corbin on an alternative vaccine schedule. i really wanted a woman doctor for him. someone who was nurturing and knew what it was to be a mom. i figured he can change to a male doctor once he's a little older and might feel uncomfortable bending over and coughing for a pretty female doc! so walking into the group health building for the first time was the best feeling. it was clean. new. empty. no screaming kids. no face masks.

so his stats are this:
his little noggin is 39.5 cm (23% percentile)
he weighs 12 lb 6.5 oz (48% percentile)
and he is 1' 11" long (41% percentile)

he was really good the whole time. even for his shots. like i mentioned before, we are using an alternative vaccine schedule. getting most of the reccomended vaccines, just spacing them out so he's not being injected up to five times in one visit. thats just too much for his little body to handle! so we got the dtap and rotovirus vaccines. he sucked down the rotovirus vaccine and took the dtap shot like a champ! he let out one big yelp when she stuck the needle in and then he was fine! he's such a tough little guy! we'll be back next month to just get the other two vaccines that are scheduled for him at two months.

im so proud to be corbin's mommy. he is the best baby! always smiling and babbling. he loves taking baths and going for walks outside! his newest trick is copying us sticking our tongue in and out. its so freakin' cute! he can sit thru a whole "your baby can read" dvd too! he coo's like crazy during it! and i keep waiting for the day i sit him down, turn the dvd on, and come back to him with his "arms up!" or touching his "nose". he is also becoming more snuggly. i love when he wakes up in the morning because i can usually get a good ten minutes of rocking and snuggling in.

all in all we have a happy, healthy baby. and he has happy, healthy parents!

i'll leave you with a pic from when we got home of corbin and his snoopy band-aid.

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