Friday, November 27, 2009

turkey day!

one of my most favorite holidays! food and family, what can be better than that?

we started the day off way too late. i relied on corbin to wake me up early because he's always up around seven am but he slept in until nine thirty and we had to be at my sisters around eleven AND i still had a lot of cooking and getting ready to do! so i scrambled to nurse him and handed him over to ryan to play with while i cooked. remind me also to never offer to cook on thanksgiving ever. i offered to make sweet potato marshmallow casserole, trader joe's stuffing (that crap is THE BEST!), and quinoa pilaf w/almonds and cranberries. remember too that i had to be at my sisters in one and a half hours! in the end, we ended up being one hour late and everything turned out delicious! especially jaden's homemade pumpkin pie! being at my sisters with jaden, demarcus, and my mom was a lot of fun and it was nice having thanksgiving in their new, beautiful, lake-side home.

once the food was ate and the dishes were done at my sisters we headed to ryan's parents house for thanksgiving part two. luckily his sister was flying that day so we waited for her to get home to start eating, which let us be nice and hungry for another whole meal again! it was nice seeing everyone together because even though we all live on the same road its not often that EVERYONE is together in one place. there was lots of visiting and lots of laughter.

the next morning instead of getting up early to go black friday shopping, which is what i've done for the past few years, we decided we'd go get our christmas tree! so we drove down the road to a local, family-owned, you-cut tree farm. we got there around four in the afternoon and by the time we were done it was totally dark out! it took us a while to find the perfect tree and for ryan to saw it down. then after a visit from santa (who corbin totally loved and smiled at!) and some candy canes, we headed home. im so excited to bust out the christmas decorations, i already have the christmas music going and put the tree up today! yay for the holidays!

my little monkey in his thanksgiving day sweater.

here's dad cutting down the tree!

and us saying, "THIS IS THE ONE!"

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