Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the return of tummy time.

when corbin was first born he didnt mind tummy time too much. then one day he did mind and the second we put him down he would cry, cry, cry. well, with a little bit of tummy time every day anyways, he's now back on the tummy time band-wagon! i bribe him by turning on sprout and letting him watch to distract him! for some reason, one of the cutest faces he makes is when he is on his tummy holding his head up so im so excited to have that cute little face back.
this whole thing has also taught me a lesson that he is going to learn things at his own pace and that's OKAY because he'll get it eventually.
so here he is all little and liking tummy time.
and now here he is a little bigger and crying and waling around so much i cant even keep the picture in focus!

and here he is this morning! wtg tummy time baby!

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